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Tough With Meatballs

The drizzle in numbers Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta that afternoon did not dampen Paryadi (39) to serve his loyal customers. Instantly, hands grabbed a white bowl. He then mixed the ingredients. Did not need much time, a bowl of smoked-meatballs was ready to be presented.

Trading noodle and meatballs is a livelihood for Paryadi. Since 1997, the father of two children pursued him self as a meatballs merchant. “But it was still adherents of others.  Deposited the earning was a must, “said the man born in Karanganyar, Central Java.

Did not want to linger in that conditions, in 2000 he decided to become independent. Armed with the results of his labor savings, he bought his own cart. “Otherwise I have no progress. I want to be independent, “excused Paryadi.

The decision has to take because he has a dream to become a formidable meatballs businessman. Paryadi had hope to be able to have stalls meatballs and open branches everywhere.

During this time, Paryadi selling meatballs by wandering around his house in Pasar Minggu. “I started trading from two o’clock until eight or nine at night,” he said.

The spirit of trade made Paryadi more passionate when he was selected to be one “Pedagang Tangguh” program beneficiaries. The economic assistance program that is a collaboration between the Masyarakat Mandiri (MM) Dompet Dhuafa, PT. Miwon Indonesia, and eTrading Securities.”I surveyed directly to the house by a team of MM Dompet Dhuafa that time. Having surveyed and has declared eligible, they invited me to be one of the beneficiaries, “he said. Being one of the 60 beneficiaries, Paryadi got a variety of training to improve the capacity of self as a merchant. Various training provided in the form of mentoring entrepreneurial and creative abilities.

DD Create the Independency of “Pedagang Tangguh”

JAKARTA – It has been one year “Pedagang Tangguh” program has running. The cooperation program between PT. Miwon Indonesia with Dompet Dhuafa focusing on the strengthening of food safety awareness and meatballs traders in Pulogadung Jakarta is now entering a period of the independence.
A total of 38 people of meatball traders partner were assisted through “Pedagang Tangguh” program. They obtained the assistance from “Masyarakat Mandiri” Dompet Dhuafa, which are measures of the aspects of production capacity and managerial aspects.
The Workshop of creating the independency of “Pedagang Tangguh “ by Miwon at the first stage or season 1 was held in the Kelurahan Pulogadung in East Jakarta on Wednesday (19/12). The workshop was attended by representatives of CSR PT. Miwon, Deputy Chief of Pulogadung, Sub-dept of Health East Jakarta and the team of “Masyarakat Mandiri” Dompet Dhuafa. In the occasion of the creating independency in this program each representatives expressed their appreciation of the “Pedagang Tangguh” Program.
“This program is the empowerment of low-income communities, PT Miwon Indonesia as the private sector also has a role and responsibility in helping them. We hope, more independent meatballs traders, families can prosper and be able to receive, absorb and implement a series of capacity building programs that have been passed for assistance, “said Cahyo, representing PT Miwon.
In line with Cahyo, Executive Director of Masyarakat Mandiri Armie Robi explained, the existence of this program is not just a CSR PT. Miwon and MM-DD, but the program along with the relevant stakeholders in the region Pulogadung.
“Hopefully this program can inspire, and hopefully enlightened traders respite after the assistance of MM-DD and CSR PT Miwon,” said Yuni from Dompet Dhuafa.
As village officials Pulogadung, Fajar expressed support and encouragement that should trade it intended for worship and for the welfare of the family. Fajar also appreciate the “Pedagang Tangguh” program, because this time there is a new mentoring program and continuous training run by the private company.
The highlight of the workshop creating the independency “Pedagang Tangguh” are signing a joint commitment by all partners merchant assistance program, CSR PT Miwon, MM-DD and stakeholders in the event.
While “Pedagang Tangguh” Season 1 was complete, the season 2 program cooperation of Dompet Dhuafa, PT Miwon Indonesia and PT eTrading Securities is still running in some areas of East Jakarta.

Trauma Healing for Child Victims of South Sulawesi Flood

Makassar-Dozens of flood victims in Makassar, South Sulawesi got trauma healing program from the Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa. The trauma healing has done that with games and singing to motivate the children.

Coordinator of Information and Communication DMC Dompet Dhuafa, Sigit Raharjo, assessed that this trauma healing program is important to reduce the trauma of children when exposed to the disaster and had to stay in the camps.

“Floods soak homes and forcing children living in refugee camps have a significant impact on their psychological,” he said on Tuesday (8/1).

Trauma healing, Sigit added, it will be important to restore the motivation of children living in evacuation shelters in Komplek Swadaya Makassar, South Sulawesi. “And make them go back to their world, which are play, sing and learn,” he added.

Not only children of concern with trauma healing program, DMC Dompet Dhuafa also opened warm shelters and provide logistical support for the refugees.

As Information received, Flood on Sunday (6/1), which then had to soak nine districts / cities in South Sulawesi. Counties and cities affected by flooding are Makassar, Maros, Pangkep, Luwu, North Luwu, Soppeng, Barru, Jeneponto and Gowa.

Flooding resulted in some residents isolated, damaged public facilities, the impassable of Trans-Sulawesi and material loss for the citizens.

Tangguh Dengan Bakso

Hujan rintik-rintik di bilangan Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan siang itu tak menyurutkan Paryadi (39) melayani pelanggan setianya. Sekejap, tangannya meraih mangkuk berwarna putih. Ia lantas meracik bahan-bahan. Tak lama berselang, semangkuk bakso berkepul asap siap tersaji. Read more

Hukum Zakat Harta Suami dan Istri

Saya seorang istri yang bekerja. saya berusaha untuk mengeluarkan zakat atas harta yang sama miliki. Di saat yang sama, saya dan suami memiliki harta bersama. Saya ingin menzakati harta kami itu. Hanya saja, suami saya tidak suka apabila saya mengeluarkan zakat. Ia mengatakan bahwa dirinya sudah mengeluarkan zakat fitrah. Intinya, ia tidak berkenan saya mengeluarkan zakat. Bagaimankah solusinya?

Apabila seseorang -baik laki-laki maupun perempuan- telah memiliki harta yang telah mencapai nishab dan tiba saatnya untuk mengeluarkan zakatnya , maka ia berkewajiban mengeluarkan zakat.

Kewajiban zakat adalah kewajiban seorang hamba kepada Allah swt. Seseorang yang belum menunaikan zakat atas hartanya berarti ia berhutang kepada Allah swt. Dan hutang tersebut tidak gugur sampai orang tersebut menunaikannya.

Terkait dengan persoalan saudari, dalam Islam, harta suami dan istri terpisah. Kewajiban membayar zakat juga terpisah. Saudari hanya berkewajiban menzakati harta saudari saja. Sementara untuk harta bersama, hukum asalnya dikeluarkan zakatnya bersama-sama. Akan tetapi bila suami tidak berkenan, saudari menzakati harta yang menjadi hak saudari saja. Sedangkan harta suami adalah kewajiban suami untuk mengeluarkan zakatnya.

Pada dasarnya, seorang istri harus taat kepada suami. Akan tetapi ketaatan ini tidak berlaku ketika kehendak suami bertentangan dengan perintah Allah swt. Tidak ada ketaatan bagi makhluk dalam bermaksiat kepada khalik.

Apabila saudari telah menzakati harta yang menjadi milik penuh saudari, maka kewajiban saudari telah gugur. Adapun terkait dengan suami, sebagai istri, saudari berperan besar untuk terus berupaya menasehati dengan cara yang terbaik dan bijak. Semoga Allah swt senantiasa memberikan kemudahan dan keberkahan-Nya kepada saudari serta keluarga.
Wallahu a’lam

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