Hundreds of Refugees Arrive in Aceh; Dompet Dhuafa Deploys Health Emergency Team and Rolls Out Logistics

Aceh Besar: This morning, Dompet Dhuafa Aceh deployed the Health Emergency Response Team (RDK) to help accelerate the response of health services to refugees from Rohingya on Tuesday (27/12/2022). It […]

Charity Concert Closes IGF Event – ​​Zakat Expo 2022

JAKARTA – Something was interesting at the Indonesia Giving Fest – Zakat Expo 2022, held at Tennis Indoor Senayan Saturday (24/12/2022). On the last day, the ‘From Youth for Indonesia’ […]

LKC-DD Jakarta, together with LAZNAS PHR Jakarta, Presents Mass Circumcision and Health Services in Kampung Tengah

Jakarta: Free Health Services (LKC) Dompet Dhuafa Jakarta, together with the Amil Zakat Institute (LAZNAS) Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) Jakarta, collaborated to present Free Health Services or Mass Health and […]

IGF Zakat Expo 2022: Dompet Dhuafa Presents Plenary Talk Show, Inspirational Stories of Local Heroes

Jakarta: On the second day of the Indonesia Giving Fest (IGF) Zakat Expo 2022 on Saturday (24/12/2022), Dompet Dhuafa presented the Dompet Dhuafa Annual Report 2022 and a Plenary Talk […]

Second Day of IGF Zakat Expo 2022, A Line of Dompet Dhuafa Programs Exhibits Superior Products

Jakarta: The second day of the Indonesia Giving Festival (IGF) Zakat Expo 2022 is still filled with excitement and joy. Various Zakat Management Organizations (OPZ) showcase their superior products. Less […]

Accelerating Stunting Reduction, Dompet Dhuafa Southeast Sulawesi Launches Nutrition Post Program

SOUTHEAST SULAWESI — South Buton Regency has the highest stunting rate in Southeast Sulawesi. Therefore, Layanan Kesehatan Cuma Cuma (LKC) & Dompet Dhuafa Sultra launched Program Pos Gizi (Nutrition Post […]

Collaborating with DuitHape, Dompet Dhuafa Reaches Mustahiq with Technology

JAKARTA – On the second day of the Indonesia Giving Festival (IGF) Zakat Expo 2022, Dompet Dhuafa officially collaborates with DuitHape until the upcoming 2023. This collaboration aims to reach […]

Chairman of PMI Indonesia Gives Appreciation to Dompet Dhuafa Lampung at Siger Blood Donation

BANDAR LAMPUNG – Dompet Dhuafa Lampung became one of the sponsors who received appreciation for assistance and participation in the Siger Blood Donation Agenda from Riana Sari Arinal, Chairperson of […]

Present at IGF Zakat Expo 2022, Dompet Dhuafa Strengthens FOZ to Continue to Be Compact & Have an Impact

JAKARTA – Dompet Dhuafa attended the biggest kindness festival in Indonesia, Indonesia Giving Festival (IGF) Zakat Expo 2022, initiated by the big house of the Indonesian zakat movement, Forum Zakat […]