About us

About us

Dompet Dhuafa is a philanthropic and humanitarian institution that moves for empowering people and humanity. Its empowerment revolves through the management of zakat, infaq, sadaqah and waqf (Ziswaf), as well as other social funds that are managed in a modern and trustworthy manner. In its management, it prioritises the concept of compassion or compassion as the root of the philanthropic movement that prioritises the five pillars of the program, namely Health, Education, Economy, Social, and Proselytise and Culture.

Dompet Dhuafa was born from the souls of journalists of Harian Umum Republika who were moved to help others in 1993. With noble determination, on July 2, 1993, the donation column of Dompet Dhuafa was present on the main page of Republika General Daily. Then on that date, it is expressed as the birth of the philanthropic and humanitarian institution. A year later, Dompet Dhuafa bagged the deed of establishment of the foundation. Recorded through Deed No. 41 dated September 14, 1994 before Notary H. Abu Yusuf, S.H., which was announced in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 163 / A.YAY. HKM/1996/PNJAKSEL.

Now, public trust and participation continue to guide Dompet Dhuafa in facing global challenges. Starting from the donation column, Dompet Dhuafa continues to be devoted to delivering the mandate of donors and muzakki to mustahik or beneficiaries. From 1993 to 2021, the kindness of Dompet Dhuafa donors has touched the beneficiaries of more than 24 million people.

In addition to presenting good programs to empower others, of course, Dompet Dhuafa also strengthens collaboration. The move is to expand the service network. So in completing the current journey, Dompet Dhuafa is present in 6 service offices, 31 domestic branches, 5 overseas branches. Not only that, Dompet Dhuafa also developed 157 service zones in 32 provinces, and collaborated with 29 strategic partners in 21 countries.

The development is to address problems in this country that cannot be done by working alone. Too big a problem encountered, too few resources are owned. Thus, it is necessary to join hands, build collaboration and act together to address the various problems of inequality and inequality in this country.

Vision & Missions


The realisation of a just and prosperous society
  • Missions

    1. Optimising utilization of zakat, infak, alms, and waqf (ZISWAF) to empower the poor to be free from the shackles of poverty.
    2. Conducting defense and services to encourage justice-based community transformation.
    3. Realizing quality and sustainable service, defense and empowerment and has an impact on sustainable community independence.
    4. Realizing organizational sustainability through good governance in accordance with the principles of Good Corporate Governance as well as the fulfilment of Sharia principles and the development of information and communication technology.
  • Values







  • Ethics Code

    1.     Work ethic
    2.     Honesty
    3.     Discipline
    4.     Courtesy
    5.     Hard work
    6.     Smart
    7.     Sincere
    8.     Responsible


Organization Structure

Dompet Dhuafa Semi-Autonomous Institution


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