Dompet Dhuafa Presents Well Waqf in Maluku, La Ode: This is the Most Beautiful Gift!

WEST SERAM, MALUKU — “When it comes to water, it’s very salty here,” said La Ode Sarfan, a resident of Pasir Panjang Hamlet, Huamual Belakang, West Seram, Maluku who benefited […]

Dompet Dhuafa Invites Donors to Explore Agricultural Village, Introduces Modern Agriculture and Productive Waqf Implementation

BANDUNG, WEST JAVA — Dompet Dhuafa again invited donors to see firsthand the implementation of zakat, infaq, sadaqah, and waqf (Ziswaf) funds in the economic field. Yes, Dompet Dhuafa provides […]

As a Crew Member at DD Farm Madiun, Ahmad Dreams of Having His Own Cage

MADIUN, EAST JAVA — DD Farm Madiun has conducted multiple training programs for farmers called “Sekolah Ternak.” This program has been held at least five times at DD Farm Madiun. […]

Dompet Dhuafa Sends Emergency Aid to Survivors of Israeli Violence in Palestine

GAZA, PALESTINE — Hundreds of Palestinians have passed away because they became victims of Israeli violence that has declared war against Hamas on Sunday (10/8/2023). Until Tuesday (10/10/2023) afternoon, 770 […]

Humanitarian Ambulance in Gaza hit by Israeli Missile Attack

GAZA, PALESTINE — In addition to the Indonesian Hospital, the Dompet Dhuafa Ambulance that was carrying out a humanitarian mission in the Gaza Strip was also targeted by an Israeli […]

DD Volunteer Holds Garbage Siege Action in NTT, Plastic Waste and Food Scraps Dominate

KUPANG, EAST NUSA TENGGARA — Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer (DDV) East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), along with the Disaster Management Center (DMC), conducted “Kepung Sampah” (garbage siege action), a beach cleanup at […]

Thousands Die, Dompet Dhuafa Calls for an End to Israeli Violence Against Palestine

GAZA, PALESTINE — The escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel on Saturday (10/7/2023) shocked the world, as hundreds of people were killed. According to AFP news agency, Monday […]

Dompet Dhuafa Holds Graduation Ceremony for GenZakat Scholarship Recipients and Soft Launching of Graduates’ Books

PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATRA — On Sunday (8/10/2023), a joyful atmosphere filled the Regional Library Hall (Pusda) of South Sumatra Province. A total of 11 students who are beneficiaries of the […]

Messah Island, Tucked Away in a Premium Tourism Area Without Premium Health Services

WEST MANGGARAI, EAST CENTRAL NUSA — About two months ago before this article was published, Muhammad Al Ashar was born with a sarong on a ketinting (wooden fishing boat) on […]