Spreading Zakat Fitrah Creates Radiant Smiles

BANTUL, YOGYAKARTA — “I remember back in the 1980s, we used to trade teak leaves or banana leaves, two bundles for one kilogram of rice. Now, rice is expensive,” reminisced […]

Serving Zakat during Ramadan, Rani was touched by the stories of the donors

SOUTH TANGERANG — “I have known Dompet Dhuafa for a long time, when I was in college. I am very grateful that this Ramadan I can be part of Dompet […]

Syiar Movement to Care for Orphans to Free Homecoming, Dompet Dhuafa Collaborates with Bens Radio

SOUTH TANGERANG — The Muliakan Yatim to Free Homecoming movement is an initiative carried out by Dompet Dhuafa. This movement aims to provide support to orphans and facilitate travelers to […]

Ramadan Parcels from Friends Bring Happiness to People in Yogya’s Remote Areas

GUNUNG KIDUL, YOGYAKARTA — Mrs. Jainem (71), an elderly beneficiary and widow, was immediately moved by the arrival of Mr. Jarwo and Dompet Dhuafa who distributed Ramadan Parcels for her. […]

Nearing the End of Ramadan, MPZ Dompet Dhuafa OK OCE Humanity Holds Orphanage Benefit

JAKARTA — The month of Ramadan is coming to an end. Good deeds are increased to optimize the remaining time. Because, we may not be given the chance to meet […]

Don’t Get Tired of Serving Those in Need

JAKARTA — Dompet Dhuafa Mudik Post at Kampung Rambutan Terminal was observed to be crowded with travelers, on Monday (4/8/2024). Two days before Eid al-Fitr 1445 H, Dompet Dhuafa is […]

Achieving the Glory of Ramadan, Sandiaga Uno Explains the Importance of Benefiting Others

JAKARTA — Ramadan is synonymous with intense worship, both worship that is directly related to God and humans. This holy month is an arena for controlling lust, so as to […]

Don’t underestimate, this is an example of a small sin that can become a big sin

Humans do not escape mistakes and commit sins. Examples of small sins or even examples of big sins are the main focus that is often noticed. In fact, humans should […]

Nisab Zakat on Silver is Different from Zakat on Gold, Don’t Get Mixed Up!

The nisab of silver zakat is different from that of gold zakat. The exchange rate of gold is higher than that of silver, which makes the nisab different. The scarcity […]