Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Is it necessary to confirm after donating? How important is it?


    It is recommended for every donor who donates to confirm the donation, so that the donation confirmation data can be matched with the bank statement data, because every day there are many bank transaction data with the same nominal.

    Therefore Donors need to confirm donations after transfer, so that there are no errors regarding unrecorded donation reports.

  • How do I confirm my donation?


    If you donate via, you will immediately get a donation confirmation link.

    If you make a donation by bank transfer (via ATM, teller, mobile banking etc.), please you can confirm the donation by sending proof of donation via WA / email as follows:

    WA : +62 811-1544-488

    Email : [email protected]

  • Can I view my donation history and get my consolidation report independently?


    Yes. You can check your donation through the Dompet Dhuafa Donor Self Service Portal page at

    Follow the steps as follows:

    How to Login menu

    1. Enter the registered email / cellphone number
    2. Click on account activation
    3. OTP will be sent via email, if you fill in the email
    4. OTP will be sent via SMS, if you fill in your cellphone number.

    If you encounter problems, please ask for help via Whatsapp Service Center number at +62 811-1544-488

  • How do I use the donation pick-up service?


    To request a donation pick-up service, you can contact the Whatsapp Service Center number at +62 811-1544-488.

    The donation pick-up service covers the Jabodetabek area and with a minimum donation of IDR 1,000,000.

  • How to consult about fiqh of zakat, infaq, sadaqah and waqf or other Islamic topics?


    For consultation service requests on zakat, infaq, sadaqah and waqf, as well as other Islamic topics, you can contact the Whatsapp Service Center number at +62 811-1544-488.

  • How to apply for research at Dompet Dhuafa?


    How to apply for research at Dompet Dhuafa?

    To submit a research application, please attach the following documents:

    • Cover Letter from Campus
    • Research Proposal
    • A statement letter to submit research results if the research application is accepted
    • All files are sent in PDF format to [email protected]
  • How do I invite Dompet Dhuafa as a speaker?


    Thank you for the opportunity given to Dompet Dhuafa. Furthermore, please send an official letter to [email protected]


  • How to apply for a comparative study visit to Dompet Dhuafa?


    It is an honor for us to be able to receive visits from friends (institutions, companies, schools and universities). For further information, please send an official letter to email [email protected]

  • How to do an internship at Dompet Dhuafa?


    For Internships at Dompet Dhuafa, please send an official cover letter requesting an internship from the relevant institution / agency to email [email protected] . Thank you