Alhamdulillah, KAMI. Medical Services Arrived in North Gaza Palestine Through Dompet Dhuafa

penyaluran bantuan dari Dompet Dhuafa untuk Gaza, Palestina

GAZA, PALESTINE — Since the Israeli attack on Gaza on October 7, 2023, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been martyred, while thousands were severely injured. The situation is getting worse as the supply of medicines and medical equipment is decreasing. Northern Gaza has been experiencing a difficult time for more than four months. Thousands of people have been killed, wounded and missing bodies.

The malnutrition and lack of medical assistance for the people who are still there make the situation even more difficult. There are no medicines, no medical teams, no hospitals, and no food. However, alhamdulillah, Dompet Dhuafa’s medical services in Palestine managed to help the wounded who could not come to the hospital, providing medicine for those who need it, especially chronic diseases.

Medical Aid Services in North Gaza, Palestine.

Out of a sense of compassion, PT Kami Idea Indonesia-an Indonesian company engaged in the field of Muslim fashion that focuses on modest clothing-which is familiarly known by the brand KAMI, channeled aid for Palestine through Dompet Dhuafa.

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The medical aid, Alhamdulillah, has been distributed by Dompet Dhuafa’s partners in Gaza from Saturday (2/10/2024) to Tuesday (2/13/2024) in Kamal Adwan Hospital, North Gaza, Palestine.

Delivery of Medical Services assistance in North Gaza, Palestine.
Delivery of Medical Services assistance in North Gaza, Palestine.

The medical services consisted of medicines such as Verban; Gauze Swab (Sterile, Non Sterile, Single Swap, Lap Gauze), Tape, NaCl 0.9% Infusion 500 ml (Sodium Chloride/Sodium Chloride), Elastic, Bandage, Ceftriaxone, Metronidazole, as well as medical equipment such as gloves and medical personnel services (general check-up and burns).

The Medical Services Team also rolled out narcotics and analgesia as well as two types of IV antibiotics to five refugee camps with more than 1,000 beneficiaries consisting of adults and children. As well as helping the medical members in the area with financial support and gratitude.

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Our store installed tent cards at Senayan City Mall, South Jakarta.

KAMI. itself has handed over donations to Dompet Dhuafa for the Palestine Response Program in stages in November 2023 amounting to Rp88,489,910.00 (eighty-eight million four hundred eighty-nine thousand nine hundred ten rupiah) and December 2023 amounting to Rp59,888,980.00 (fifty-nine million eight hundred eighty-eight thousand nine hundred eighty rupiah).

The campaign publication and the total donation of Rp148,378,890.00 (one hundred forty-eight million three hundred seventy-eight thousand eight hundred ninety rupiah) were symbolically handed over directly by Kami Idea Director, Afina Candarini, to Dompet Dhuafa Executive Secretary, Etika Setiawanti, at Dompet Dhuafa Office, Jati Padang, South Jakarta.

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“The donation comes from every transaction on OUR products, a deduction of IDR 10,000 is made from customer payments through its official sales channels in 26 stores and online during the November-December 2023 period. Apart from that deduction, there are also donations from OUR customers,” said Afina Candarini. (Dompet Dhuafa)

Text: Hany Fatihah Ahmad
Photo: Dompet Dhuafa
Editor: Dhika Prabowo