Oxygen Refilling Centers Continue to Serve the Underprivileged

SOUTH TANGERANG — During the emergency response phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dompet Dhuafa has rolled out numerous aids for the affected communities. One of the primary focus areas has […]

Launching 2024, Dompet Dhuafa Volunteers Initiate Beach Cleanup at Kuta Beach, Bali

BALI — The vibrant New Year’s Eve celebrations at Kuta Beach, Bali, resulted in mounds of leftover trash. Renowned as one of Bali’s signature beaches, Kuta Beach is a prime […]

Combating Stunting and Strengthening Women’s Economy, Dompet Dhuafa Launches the Happy Chicken Egg Program

YOGYAKARTA — The Happy Chicken Egg Program has been introduced as a solution to address the stunting issue in Indonesia. Stunting has been recognized as a national priority by the […]

New Management Structure: Efforts for Dompet Dhuafa to Become a Resilient and Adaptive Organization

JAKARTA – In its endeavor to execute high-quality programs, Dompet Dhuafa is continuously innovating and making various adjustments to operate optimally as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. To this end, […]

Attending Big Bang Fest, Dompet Dhuafa Introduces DD Apps and Invites the Community to Collectively Build Schools in Remote Areas

JAKARTA — Closing out the year 2023, Dompet Dhuafa made another appearance at the Big Bang Fest 2023. This festival, which embraces the concept of the Biggest Warehouse Exhibition, was […]

Panji Sakti’s Poetry Musicalization Concludes SOH X Sitapa Fest, Solemnly Reflecting on the Palestinian People

PAYAKUMBUH, WEST SUMATRA — Amidst a gentle drizzle in Payakumbuh’s solitary pine forest, hundreds listened intently to Panji Sakti’s poetry musicalization on Sunday night (24/12/2023). His song “Kepada Noor” brought […]

Reaching IDR 5 Million! Chiki Fawzi Auctions Artwork for Palestine at SOH X Sitapa Fest

PAYAKUMBUH, WEST SUMATRA — The artist and humanitarian volunteer, Chiki Fawzi, also performed at the Sound of Humanity (SOH) Dompet Dhuafa X Sitapa Fest in Payakumbuh, on Sunday December 24, […]

Collaboration with ASPENKU Sumsel, Dompet Dhuafa Launches Upgrading Program for MSMEs

PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATRA — To encourage the advancement and development of small businesses among the community, Dompet Dhuafa’s South Sumatra Branch has initiated the MSME Upgrading Program. On Tuesday (5/12/2023), […]

Moved by Humanity, SMAN 4 Palembang Channels Aid for Palestine through Dompet Dhuafa

PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATRA — Over the past 82 days, ten thousands of Palestinian people have become martyrs due to the brutal Zionist Israeli attacks in Gaza. Thankfully, the world continues […]