Besides KJRI Noumea, Dompet Dhuafa Collaborates with Local Community of Caledonia

NEW CALEDONIA — After meeting with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia or Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI) Noumea on Monday (6/3/2023), to discuss the need for proselytizing […]

Riski Asmuni Lead Dompet Dhuafa Sumsel 2023-2028, Asa Solid Team and Give Birth to Empowerment on Target

Photo: Momentum of Position Handover or Momentum Serah Terima Jabatan (Sertijab) between Riski Asmuni as Branch Leader of Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra for the 2023-2028 Period (left-dark green shirt) & […]

Nisfu Sya’ban Studies Degree in New Caledonia

NEW CALEDONIA — In addition to establishing communication with the Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (KJRI) Noumea and several local community partners, Dompet Dhuafa also conducts proselytizing services for Indonesian citizens […]

These 7 Virtues of Almsgiving in the Month of Ramadan Based on Hadith

The historical hadith of Bukhari mentions that the Messenger of Allah Saw is a creature of Allah Swt who is very generous or happy to give alms, especially during Ramadan. […]

Dompet Dhuafa & Tokopedia Intensifies Cianjur Efforts to Rise Up

CIANJUR, WEST JAVA – Dompet Dhuafa together with Tokopedia again visited Cianjur residents to recover, through the Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa, the distribution of logistics in the form […]

Strengthening Collaboration in National Mualaf Development, Dompet Dhuafa Breeders Hold FGD with MRBJ

BANTEN, SOUTH TANGERANG — Pesantren Mualaf Indonesia (Pemulia) Dompet Dhuafa held an active Capacity Building and Collaboration Meeting of the Convert Development Program at the Muamalah Zone of the Bintaro […]

Dompet Dhuafa Prepares Dai Ambassador to New Caledonia

NEW KALEDONIA — After the Covid-19 pandemic ends, Dompet Dhuafa will again hold the Dai Ambassador program in Ramadan 1444 H / 2023 AD. This program carries the spirit of […]

Dompet Dhuafa West Java and YBM BRILiaN RO Malang Launching BRILiaN Farm Program

MADIUN, EAST JAVA — Alhamdulillah, Dompet Dhuafa Jawa Timur, in collaboration with YBM BRILiaN RO Malang, has inaugurated the BRILiaN Farm economic empowerment program in Jatisati Village, Geger District, Madiun […]

SDIT Darul Athfal Strengthens Humanitarian Solidarity for Turkey and Syria

JAKARTA – Concern for the calamity that has befallen Turkish and Syrian citizens continues. Educational institutions do not pass by to invite their students to care. One is carried out […]