Commemorating National Nutrition Day, Dompet Dhuafa Holds ‘Talk Fun to Prevent Stunting’


JAKARTA — The commemoration of National Nutrition Day is not only commemorated every January 25, but also on February 28. Through the Community Service Institute (LPM), Dompet Dhuafa also commemorated National Nutrition Day by holding a  “Bincang Asik Cegah Stunting” event at the Child-Friendly Open Public Space (RPTRA) Dahlia, Kelurahan Tengah, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta on Monday (6/3/2023).

A total of 50 guests joined in various activities held. Through the Mobile Kitchen Program (DARLING), there are several activities carried out, ranging from education and stunting prevention delivered by Lintang Purwara Dewanti as a Lecturer and Nutrition Practitioner to education on making complementary foods and healthy food for toddlers delivered by the Dompet Dhuafa Free Health Service Team (LKC).

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Activities in the Fun Talk to Prevent Stunting held

In addition, there are also anthropometric examinations for toddlers, which are measurements of the human body used to determine differences in individuals, groups, and so on. In this activity, there were examinations for pregnant women and the distribution of nutrition packages for toddlers and pregnant women, as many as 30 packages. On the other hand, LPM Dompet Dhuafa also provides Darling to serve nutritious, healthy food by cooking it directly at the location with PKK mothers in Kelurahan Tengah, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

“We strive in this activity, in addition to commemorating National Nutrition Day, also as a service for the community in terms of healthy and nutritious food education that is routinely carried out by the Mobile Kitchen (Darling),” said Awaluddin.

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Educate healthy and nutritious food at the Bincang Asyik Cegah Stunting event.
LPM Dompet Dhuafa together with PKK mothers in Central Village cook to serve nutritious healthy food.

As the Representative of the Central Village Health Center, dr. Rinaldi Akbar revealed that the village’s stunting and malnutrition cases were relatively high.

“This educational activity is beneficial for residents, with the education provided hopefully increasing awareness, and there are no cases of stunting that occur in this village,” he said.

This activity was held thanks to the collaboration of LPM Dompet Dhuafa with Free Health Services (LKC) Dompet Dhuafa, Kelurahan Tengah, Puskesmas Tengah, and RPTRA Dahlia. In this case, Diyah Waryanti, as Head of Kesra Kelurahan Tengah, admitted that she was very grateful to Dompet Dhuafa and the committee who had worked to implement this event. (LPM/RSaputro/Anndini)