Dentist RSGM YARSI Collaborates with Dompet Dhuafa to Hold Social Service for Children with Autism


JAKARTA — To commemorate World Autism Awareness Day, YARSI Dental and Oral Hospital or RS Gigi dan Mulut (RSGM) in collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa and the autism care community, held a dental care social service for children with autism on March 6-9, 2023. The event was a form of the dedication of RSGM YARS as a Special Needs Dental Care Center to improve the dental and oral health of individuals with autism.

In this social service activity, dentists of RSGM YARSI facilitate consultation, filling, and tooth extraction for patients who come.

“Children with autism can now get optimal dental care. Quite a lot of dental treatment approach options can be done, either with behavioural management or with pharmacological approaches. The use of inhaled sedation, intravenous or general anaesthesia can be an option for dental care approaches so that children can be treated comfortably,” said drg. M. Zakki, Sp.KGA in a written statement.

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The dentists examined an autistic child during a Social Service event.

For the collaboration initiated with Dompet Dhuafa and the autisme care community, RSGM YARSI hopes that this social event can give hope to families who have family members with autism that good dental care is possible for children with autism.

“With this dental care social service, we feel very helpful. It is quite difficult to find health facilities, especially dental health that can treat the teeth of children with autism,” said Rahma, a representative of the Autism Home community.

Dentists take photos with children with autism after taking action at a Social Service event.

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RSGM YARSI, a hospital that is friendly to individuals with disabilities, is highly committed to serving patients and families with disabilities. Medical and non-medical staff are prepared to handle medical and psychological special needs. Supported by supporting facilities such as X-Ray and complete specialist dentists to make it easier for patients to get optimal dental care. (Dompet Dhuafa/RSGM Yarsi/Pradilla)