Developing Leadership Characteristic, DDV Bontang Holds Leadership Training Camp

BONTANG, EAST KALIMANTAN — Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer (DDV) Bontang City and Forum Studi Islam or FSI (Islamic Studies Forum) of SMKN 1 Bontang held a Leadership Training and Election of the Chairman of DDV Bontang for the 2023-2024 service period on December 24 & 25, 2022. Aiming to develop Volunteers’ soft skills in improving organizational effectiveness, the training carried the theme “Generasi Muda Hari Ini adalah Pemimpin Masa Depan” (Today’s Young Generation are Future Leaders).

In this Regional Leadership Training Camp, volunteers were expected to have critical thinking competencies, complex problem solving, creativity and innovation, collaboration, and leadership. So they would  be able to answer the challenges of the times. In addition, volunteers could also understand the understanding of how to solve a problem in an organization.

This Training Camp presented a speaker dr. H. Andi Sofyan Hasdam S. Ps, in a material that focuses on developing leadership characteristic to create an organization based on integrity and creativity.

In his remarks, Kang Asep Gumilar as PIC of DDV East Kalimantan said that Volunteers, both organizationally and individually, must have had and developed leadership characteristic,

“With the holding of this Regional Leadership Training Camp, we hope that there will be new seeds of Great Leaders in Bontang City who will one day lead and advance Bontang City,” he said in front of 30 Volunteers who were present.

In line with that, the Owner of Panrita Lopi (Ahmad Daeng Lompo), was also present and gave his remarks as well as appreciated the activities held at Panrita Lopi. According to him, in building a noble generation, soft skills such as creativity, integrity, and a solution-oriented skill are needed.

“In the future, these volunteers brothers must also have entrepreneurial skills so that from the results of their efforts, they can help ease the burden on others,” he said.

In this training, art performances and fun games were also held which made participants divided into four groups. Each group was challenged to show full confidence in their own talents and abilities.

In the final session of this activity, a Deliberation on the Election of the Chairman of Dompet Dhuafa Volunteer Bontang City was also held. And as a result of the deliberations, Shoqiful Ma’ruf from SMAN 3 Bontang City was elected as the Chairman of DDV Bontang Chapter for the 2023-2024 service period. (Dompet Dhuafa / DDV)