DMC Dompet Dhuafa & Joint SAR Team Conducts Search for Drowning Victims in Ciliwung River

JAKARTA – Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa, together with the Joint SAR Team, are still conducting search efforts for two children suspected of drowning in the Ciliwung River, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

 Two victims reportedly drowned, Satria (11) and Bintang (7). Both drowned on Sunday (15/01/2023) at around 17.00 WIB while playing with six colleagues in the Ciliwung River, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

 The SAR operation involved dozens of joint SAR personnel and divided the search area into three teams. The first team searched with sweeps along the Ciliwung River using inflatable boats up to a radius of 5 km from the scene.

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Sweeping of victims along the Ciliwung River using inflatable boats. 

The second team searched with a visual sweep along the banks of the Ciliwung River up to a radius of 5 km from the scene. Meanwhile, the third team swept below the water’s surface using Aqua Eye and Underwater Searching Device, followed by diving around the scene.

It is known that Satria (11) has been found by the Joint SAR Team, who carried out a visual sweep on Tuesday (17/1/23). The victim was seen floating on the banks of the CIliwung River in a deceased condition.

DMC and the Joint SAR Team conducted a search for drowning victims in the Ciliwung River.

“The victim was found by the combined SAR element at around 06.45 WIB this morning at a radius of 1.6 km from the scene and then evacuated to Fatmawati Hospital,” said Fazzli, Head of the Jakarta SAR Office as SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC) in SAR operations.

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Furthermore, Risqy Qays, one of the DMC Dompet Dhuafa Team who directly searched for victims, revealed that the search for the second victim was again carried out by sweeping to Manggarai using an engine boat.

“Thank God one victim has been found. Next, we continue the search for the second victim. Today’s search efforts will be expanded by conducting sweeps using one engine boat to Manggarai, one rafting boat to Kalibata, one standby boat and bland at the first discovery point (kedung gede),” explained Risqy Qays through a short message.

Hundreds of Joint SAR personnel were deployed in the search for 2 drowning victims in the Ciliwung River.

As of Wednesday (18/01/23), local communities and hundreds of Joint SAR personnel were deployed in search efforts. This Joint SAR personnel consist of: 

  1.           Search And Rescue (SAR) Jakarta Office
  2.           Dompet Dhuafa (DMC) Disaster Management Center
  3.           Metro Jaya Sabhara Polda (Regional Police)
  4.           Jagakarsa Police Station
  5.           TNI (Indonesian National Army)
  6.           Jagakarsa Satpol PP (Civil Service Police Unit)
  7.           Kelapa Dua Brimob (Mobile Brigade)
  8.           DKI Jakarta BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency)
  9.           DKI Jakarta Firefighters
  10.         Jagakarsa Babinsa (Village Trustee NCO / Non-Commissioned Officer)
  11.         Indonesian Red Cross South Jakarta
  12.         Squad PBI
  13.         Search And Rescue (SAR) Lenteng
  14.         Sedekah Nusantara
  15.         LMK (Village Consultative Council)
  16.         BANSER (The Nahdlatul Ulama Multipurpose Font)
  17.         IEA Tangerang
  18.         Potential DAR 115
  19.         TBI
  20.         Gerak Bareng
  21.         IEA Jaksel
  22.         Ciliwung Bambon
  23.         SAR MTA
  24.         WMI
  25.         SAUNG BAMBU
  26.         FKDM
  27.         RW 08
  28.         PPSU Lenteng Agung
  29.         RHC
  30.         Bazis (Amil Zakat and Infaq / Shadaqoh Agency)
  31.         Baznas (National Amil Zakat Agency)
  32.         Team Response
  33.         MDMC
  34.         P3S
  35.         Primas Rescue
  36.         Tangerang IEA (Intertional Energy Agency)
  37.         Jakarta Greater IEA (International Energy Agency)
  38.         Semut Hitam
  39.         Indonesia’s Disaster Response