Doing Kindness in the Midst of Shortage, Dompet Dhuafa Provides Clean Water for Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani Islamic Boarding School

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SERANG, BANTEN — The blowing wind accompanied by patter of raindrops felt cool at Ponpes (Islamic Boarding School) Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani, Kemuning, Waringin District, Serang on Tuesday (14/3/2023). This good weather seems to provide a glimmer of hope for residents who inhabit the dorm.

How come? Since 2003, Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al-Utsmani Islamic has had difficulty in accessing water for daily needs. The lack of clean water is an obstacle for them. To do their activities, the students, staff, teachers and the society around the Ponpes must also use water from rainwater collection.

Not only the difficulty of accessing clean water, in one previous month, Ponpes Madarijul Ulum also had to accept the harsh reality. The bathroom, usually used for activities by students and staff, collapsed, leaving only uneven brick walls, without roofs, or protection.

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The condition of the rainfed pond which is commonly used to do wudu by the students of Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani, Serang, Banten.
(from left) Wandi, Rijal, and Adri doing activities in the residents’ rainfed pond.

This is caused by the bathroom condition that is wrecked and it has inadequate materials. With that being said, it is no wonder that extreme weather has managed to destroy the only bathroom they have had.

The damage to the bathroom made the students have to travel a distance that can make them sweat to get to the rainfed pond. This condition was really felt  by Wandi, Rijal, and Adri, the students who lived in Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani.

“We just want to have a decent and hygienic toilet. That there is a place for clean water,” Adri complained.

“Yes, it’s quite far away (rainfed pond), it’s difficult to wash if the water isn’t clean,” said Rijal.

After rain comes sunshine. After a long wait by the students and staff of the Ponpes, Dompet Dhuafa tried to help overcome the problem by providing clean water assistance in the form of the construction of boreholes and toilets there.

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wakaf-sumur-dompet dhuafa
The bathroom toilet condition of Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani, Serang, Banten.
Adri, Wandi, and Rijal on their way to the rainfed pond.

Sarifudin, as one of administrators of Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani, revealed that the water level in the ponpes area is quite deep, which is around 30 meters. With dozens of students, water needs have not been adequate. Although they rely on rainfed ponds, once the rainy season ends, they still experience the lack of water.

“Taking a bath here is just for emergencies, because if the water is used by all students here, it will be lacking. Therefore, we use rainfed ponds for routines, we join the village people’s pond. Even then, the dry season is quite worrying too, because it is indeed rain-catchment water, there is no flow. If there is no rain, it automatically infiltrates and decreases as well,” said Sarifudin.

Ponpes Madarijul Ulum itself has developed religious education in Kemuning Village since 2003. This school is an educational institution that pays great attention to the nation’s children. The school which is cared for by Mafroh Baidhowi and the entire family has a big goal, which is to produce a generation of people who fear Allah Almighty, have noble character, intelligent, creative, innovative, and productive, especially in the religious field.

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This is where students’ education is developed and it is free of charge. Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani provides various school packages for its students. Economic limitations also become the reason why the students do not choose formal schools.

Sarifudin as the administrator of Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani when giving advice to the students.
wakaf-sumur-dompet dhuafa
The students were in front of the bathroom that had collapsed due to extreme weather.

Shortage is not an obstacle, the students and staff continue to do every activity with a big heart. The students remain enthusiastic about studying, working together, and doing daily routines, continuing to walk to achieve their dreams.

“The study package here is free, only using a copy of the school diploma. We become enthusiastic about learning. Moreover, I want to be an ustaz,” added Adri.

“The situation of our students here, we don’t target them to pay anything, we are lillahita’ala (sincere because of Allah). If you want to stay here, it doesn’t need any registration. We have high determination, as long as we walk on the right rail, God willing, there will be a way, a road from anywhere” said Sarifudin full of determination.

The students’ cooking activities in the afternoon before entering Maghrib time.

Ponpes Madarijul Ulum Al Utsmani will also not restrict anyone from using the new well and toilet facilities. The assistance from Dompet Dhuafa donors has provided tremendous benefits, not only for the students, but also for the surrounding society.

“Yes, God willing.. All of that is our goal together to give facilities for them, even for the surrounding environment it is also open. So whoever the people are, we don’t limit it. We are open, anyone is welcome. The important thing is to maintain cleanliness,” concluded Sarifudin. (Dompet Dhuafa/Anndini)

Let’s Join in Providing Clean Water Wells for Santri (students) through the following link: