Dompet Dhuafa and ROIS OJK Serve Thousands of Meals to Turkiye Earthquake Survivors

REYHANLI, TURKIYE — Dompet Dhuafa continues to distribute aid for earthquake victims in Turkiye-Syria, this time together with ROIS OJK distributed 650 portions of ready-to-eat meals at a public kitchen established in the Reyhanli area, Turkiye, on Saturday (25/2/2023).

The aid, which came from ROIS OJK, was distributed to several locations affected by the earthquake, including Reyhanli General Hospital, Hatay, as many as 200 portions; Gazi, Kirikhan, Hatay, 250 portions; and Kindergarten and Pre-School Yil Anaokulu, Kirikhan, Hatay, 200 portions.

In this public kitchen, thousands of portions of meals are ready to be distributed in a day to the survivors. From children to adults, they also give crowds to the public kitchen established by Dompet Dhuafa.

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Unstoppable, that happiness was shown on their faces, their smiles overpowered the overwhelming coldness. Through the Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa together with local volunteers, they worked hand in hand to prepare ready-to-eat meals for the survivors of the Turkiye Earthquake. A total of 350 portions of the ready-to-eat meals were also distributed to survivors in Gida Ith Ihr Nak Top.

“Today, the Dompet Dhuafa’s kitchen is back in action, we are in Antakya, Hatay province, Southern Turkiye, where the area is an earthquake-affected area. We will distribute ready-to-eat food packages or hot meals, more or less this afternoon we will distribute around 1000 food packages,” said Jovan Pradana, one of Dompet Dhuafa volunteers.

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Not only that, in the future, Dompet Dhuafa will continue to distribute various kinds of assistance that are urgently needed by the society. It is hoped that with this assistance, it can ease the suffering of the Turkish-Syrian people and can speed up the recovery process after the earthquake.

As of Saturday (25/2/2022), quoted from Reuters, the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) said the death toll in Turkey had risen to 44,218 people. Meanwhile, the death toll in Syria reached 5,914 people.

Turkish-Syria earthquake survivors still need a helping hand of kindness. Let’s unite forces and strengthen solidarity in helping our brothers and sisters in Turkey-Syria, because Humanity Crosses Borders. Friends can send help and prayers through the following page.