Dompet Dhuafa and WIR Group Collaborate to Present the Reality of Future Interactivity Technology

The existence of future interactive technologies will present Dompet Dhuafa colleagues with a more immersive and impressive picture of reality, allowing them to be more empathic.

JAKARTA — Dompet Dhuafa is cooperating with PT WIR Asia Tbk (WIR Group), a major Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-based technology development company in Southeast Asia, to create a business using the Nusameta metaverse platform. This relationship can potentially enhance not just the gathering of philanthropic institutions but also play a role in poverty alleviation in Indonesia. The Memorandum of Understanding between WIR Group and Dompet Dhuafa was signed in Jakarta by WIR Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Gupta Sitorus and Etika Setiawanti, Director of Resources Mobilization of Dompet Dhuafa.

Through the development of interactivity technology that WIR Group is developing, Dompet Dhuafa can utilize the technology platform to show disaster conditions, environment, beneficiaries, or other realities to the community more impressively. So that fundraisers and consumers can better understand, even feel, empathize, and collaborate on and donate to humanitarian programs.

“Zakat institutions such as Dompet Dhuafa must also continue to strive to adapt to digital and technological developments as they are today. Furthermore, Indonesia’s demographic advantage is currently controlled by digitally aware millennials and generation Z. Because they are the next generation of goodness in the future. We do this effort through the use of Metaverse technology developments. For Dompet Dhuafa, Metaverse technology presents a new strategy and changes in the focus of developing zakat, infak, sadaqah, waqf, sacrifice, and positive philanthropy movements,” said Etika Setiawanti as Director of Resources Mobilization of Dompet Dhuafa, on the sidelines of the signing of the cooperation on Saturday (14/1/2023).

Furthermore, Ethics added, “We look at WIR Group’s experience and track record globally. As a technology company that has long been involved in interactive technology, we believe that WIR Group is a strategic partner to support Dompet Dhuafa in developing a technology based on future interactive”.

Meanwhile, Gupta Sitorus, Chief of Sales & Marketing at WIR Group, expressed gratitude to Dompet Dhuafa for choosing WIR Group as a partner. “We appreciate Dompet Dhuafa for appointing WIR Group as Dompet Dhuafa’s partner to support Dompet Dhuafa’s efforts in alleviating poverty in the country through the technology we have developed,” said Gupta Sitorus.

Gupta said Dompet Dhuafa’s presence would enhance the WIR Group’s technology development environment. “This collaboration, in addition to strengthening the digital transformation ecosystem, demonstrates the inclusivity of the technology we have developed, allowing it to be easily applied and utilized across multiple industries in the country,” he said.

Gupta hopes that WIR Group’s technology can present the best digital solutions for Dompet Dhuafa and all sectors in the country and contribute positively to the development of the digital economy in Indonesia and poverty alleviation.

In this collaboration, Dompet Dhuafa will be present in the WIR Group Metaverse ecosystem, specifically Nusameta, where WIR Group will develop Dompet Dhuafa Office/Counter in the Nusameta ecosystem. WIR Group also helps develop a metaverse ecosystem for the MSME & Stocking Sacrificial Animals program (report & distribution) to those who deserve to feel the benefits. Furthermore, WIR Group will improve the management of donor services for dhuafa demands and develop AR / Gamification in the Ramadan, Qurban, and Waqf momentum. (Dhuafa Dompet)