Dompet Dhuafa East Java Holds Tarhib, 500 Santri Enthusiastically Welcome Ramadan

MALANG, EAST JAVA — Together with Pesantren Fathussalam, Dompet Dhuafa East Java held a Tarhib Ramadan activity at Bumi Maringi Peni (BMP) Tawangsari Village, Pujon, Malang. Around 500 TPQ santri (students who are learning about Islam in pesantren) enthusiastically participated in the activities held in order to welcome Ramadan and to build friendship between TPQs Setawangsari.

Packed with various activities, Tarhib Ramadan there also actively conducted TPQ Santri Carnival, Cheap Bazaar, Quran Distribution, women prayer clothes, free haircuts, and creativity competitions between TPQs.

The students and teachers who are assisted by Dompet Dhuafa in the BMP Area feel very happy. Iqlima, one of the Ustadzah (teachers) who also became the 1st place winner, said, “This is the second time that my students and I have participated in the agenda that is routinely held by Dompet Dhuafa Jatim at BMP. The students are happy and hopefully activities like this can be done regularly.”

This very lively event was opened by Miftahul Anwar as the Head of Tawangsari Village and the Head of Dompet Dhuafa Jatim, Kholid Abdillah, with great wisdom. The students gathered in the BMP area and then went out to the village and returned to BMP again.

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“We should be very happy with the coming of Ramadan. This month of kindness, too, we should welcome it from the heart. So, with all its goodness, let’s maximize the #RamadanDariHati (#RamadanFromTheHeart) ,” said Kholid. (Dompet Dhuafa / East Java / Dhika)