Dompet Dhuafa Gives Ramadhan Parcel for Teh Nunung , Tough Mother Figure of Cianjur Earthquake Survivor


CIANJUR, WEST JAVA — The Cianjur earthquake on November 21, 2022, still leaves a suffocating memory. The unfortunate incident was still felt by a housewife familiarly called Teh Nunung (37). Every day, Teh Nunung runs a small stall in a tent with her husband and child, located in Benjot Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur, West Java.

Five months after the Cianjur earthquake, she still vividly remembers losing her youngest child when the earthquake struck. With teary eyes, Teh Nunung recounted the seconds when the earthquake occurred to the Dompet Dhuafa Team Thursday (13/4/23).

During the earthquake, Teh Nunung’s children were fast asleep in the room while she was in a stall. It happened so fast, and according to what she felt, there was no vibration at that time; it was just that the building collapsed instantly.

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Teh Nunung & her husband who daily run a small stall in the refugee tent, while waiting for their Huntara (Temporary Resident) to be finished and worth living.

“I thought that the one who shouted Mama was the youngest child; it was the biggest one who called Mama. My little son died on the day of the incident as well. Maybe if the big ones can still adjust their breath, well, if the small ones (right) do not understand how to regulate their breath, “explained Teh Nunung.

After knowing her son was gone, Teh Nunung and her husband rushed to the Gekbrong area to care for the child’s body. But at that time, it was utterly jammed, so he had to hold his child and rushed to use a motorcycle.

“Yes, that’s the point. Sadly, many people use ambulances, but I must lap and carry a motorcycle when I carry my son’s body. Just imagine, I brought it out of dusk (Maghrib) around half past five from here. Because of traffic jams, until dusk (Maghrib), I carried my son’s body. Oh Allah, Rabbi,” Teh Nunung said, holding back her tears.

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Teh Nunung (37), a tough mother figure who lost her beloved youngest child during the Cianjur earthquake.

According to Teh Nunung’s story, it was very dark and dust-filled. Aftershocks occurred many times after that.

“Rich in dreams, why should my son? Why not other people’s children,” she said.

As a mother, it is not easy to be abandoned by your beloved child. The word patience seemed to be unable to cure his heart. Even so, time after time, she continued to try to get up by busying himself. According to him, rising for economic recovery is a matter that can be faced. It is just that what makes him traumatized and difficult to forget is when he remembers his son, who is gone.

“There were still frequent wants in the past, so you can’t be silent. You must do a lot of activities. Just this morning, I joined the cooking cooperation for iftar dishes,” Teh Nunung added. All activities are carried out to unravel the grief in her heart.

Teh Nunung &; husband received Ramadan 1444 H Parcel package.
Teh Nunung helps prepare iftar activities together in the refuge.

Thanks to the funds of Ziswaf, a good friend of Dompet Dhuafa, Teh Nunung also became one of the Ramadhan 1444 H Parcel beneficiaries. She also said that at this time, she did not think about preparing for Eid like in previous years.

“This moment, I want to buy sand, have no idea of thinking about others. Now I do not think about what Eid cake to make. The priority is (yes) to buy sand and cement. His father also asked, what cake does Eid want to make? I said I would not make a cake. Where do you want to go, and who wants to visit? It is useless to make cakes, too, “said Teh Nunung.

But Parcel Ramadhan Dompet Dhuafa returns to the nuances of Eid that he may have never thought of at first. He admitted that he was pleased about the parcel.

“Alhamdulillah bungah pisan, semoga diberkahkeun, dihasilkeun maksudna, aya dina ridho Allah subhanahu wata’ala (Sundanese sentences) “Alhamdulillah is pleased, may it be blessed, whatever is aspired to be achieved, and always in the pleasure of Allah SWT,” said Teh Nunung gratefully.

Iftar activity together at Refuge, Benjot Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur on (13/04/23)
Some residents who received Ramadan 1444 H Parcels.

Along with the alms of Good Friends, thank God on Thursday (13/04/23), the residents, including Teh Nunung, have been busy preparing large dishes for 200 servings since morning. The dishes were intended to break the fast together for the first time in Benjot Village, and some of them also received Ramadan Parcels in preparation for the holiday.

For Teh Nunung, this activity is not just togetherness and mutual cooperation with residents, but a therapy to return to peace with the situation she is experiencing. (Dompet Dhuafa/Awalia R)

#MasihAdaWaktu, let us continue the kindness of sharing Ramadan Parcels for our brothers and sisters in refugee camps. Good friends can channel their donations here.