Dompet Dhuafa -Kimia Farma Collaboration, Holds Training to Realize Professional BIUN

JAKARTA – In order to increase capacity in community empowerment efforts in the health sector and provide strengthening in the implementation of projects in the field, “Cuma-Cuma Health Services” (LKC) Dompet Dhuafa and Kimia Farma held an Inspirational Midwife for the Country (BIUN) training in 2022. This training was held for midwives who participated in the BIUN Program, which is a collaboration between Dompet Dhuafa and Kimia Farma.

The training participants came from 12 provinces throughout Indonesia, Central Java, South Sulawesi, Papua, Yogyakarta, Aceh, East Java, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, Southeast Sulawesi, DKI Jakarta, West Java, South Sumatra and Banten. The training was attended by 26 midwives, 22 inspirational midwives for the country who will run projects in their area and 4 midwives for the country who will be placed in remote areas for 2 years.

In the inspirational midwives for the country, there were 91 projects submitted from all over Indonesia, then filtered into 34 projects and presented by each midwife in front of the jury. After that, 23 projects were selected to get program funding from the collaboration between Dompet Dhuafa and Kimia Farma.

In the selection, the 23 projects that passed have been assessed by stakeholders who are also working on stunting prevention including the Ministry of Health, BKKBN (National Population and Family Planning Agency), IBI (Indonesian Midwives Association), Kimia Farma and Dompet Dhaufa.

All participants will receive training for 7 days, from August 15 to 21, 2022. Titled “Innovation Collaboration to Prevent Stunting”, the training will be held at Kimia Farma Corporate University Building, Jakarta. All participants will be guided and trained by professional resource persons.

The opening of the BIUN training was attended by Dr. Yeni Purnamasari, MKM as General Manager of the Dompet Dhuafa Health Division, M. Rony Hidayat as Pj. General Manager of General and Information Technology of PT Kimia Farma Tbk, Rizki Oktavianus as General Manager and TJSL (Environmental Social Responsibility) and Sifing Lestari as Senior Officer of Health Promotion.

According to Dr. Yeni, this training will provide many innovative models of empowering public health by inspirational midwives for the country. “The training of inspirational midwives for the country will provide a common goal in efforts to improve maternal and child health, eliminate stunting in the target areas of the program, as well as provide many innovative models of community health empowerment by inspirational midwives for the country,” said dr. Yeni.

Furthermore, Dr. Yeni explained the various kinds of training that would be given to the participants for 7 days. “The 7-day training will include briefing on a brief overview of LKC Dompet Dhuafa and the mechanism and evaluation of the BIUN project, then there is also an introduction to the Kimia Farma Social Program, then there is strengthening or motivation for the participants, then a discussion of breast milk (Air Susus Ibu) to increase the success of breastfeeding, there is also social change behavior, stakeholder management, project management, case studies and later there will also be sharing best practices and writing project financial reports,” explained dr. Yeni.

Then M. Rony Hidayat explained that this activity could be an opportunity for midwives to be able to make a positive contribution to society. “In this Inspirational Midwife Program for the Country, we can do good things for the community, how can we contribute positively, we give the best based on what we have and we pray to God that we are strengthened to be able to run this program,” said Rony.

The participants were enthusiastic in following the training process on the first and second day. One of the participants named Sylvia Faridatulhuda gave a positive response regarding the training provided this time. “I am happy because I got new knowledge and insights, new enthusiasm, new inspiration. The material provided is very useful for project work in the field. Hopefully inspirational midwives for the country can be held every year with more delegates and sustainable programs,” said Sylvia, a participant from Tasikmalaya. (Dompet Dhuafa / LKC)

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