Empowered Marwah in Huntara Bunga

CIANJUR, WEST JAVA — Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa in collaboration with the Recycle House Initiative (RHP), strengthened the Huntara (Hunian Sementara or Temporary Shelter) program for survivors affected by the earthquake in Cianjur, on Thursday (26/01/2023).

DMC Dompet Dhuafa aims to serve 100 communities separated into two villages: Pangkalan in Benjot Village and Sarampad in Sarampad Village. The Cugenang District includes both places. Meanwhile, Cugenang District is part of the area heavily impacted by the November 2022 earthquake shock.

The construction process of Huntara (Hunian Sementara or Temporary Shelter). 

DMC Dompet Dhuafa carries Huntara Bunga, also known as Bumi Endah or Beautiful Earth Dompet Dhuafa, with the concept of recycle home, which is to construct huntara from house trash. It is, of course, combined with new building materials. Huntara Bunga comprises two bedrooms, one living room, and a terrace house measuring 7 X 5 square meters.

“Huntara Bunga is an Indonesian word that means Bumi Endah or Dompet Dhuafa. Bumi Endah is a nice shelter for those affected by the Cianjur earthquake. We have a name that contains local knowledge, “Shofa Qudus, General Manager of Disaster Risk Reduction DMC Dompet Dhuafa, elaborated.

The lower part of the house is built using bricks, while the upper part uses wood.

“Why is the concept of a recycle house? We collaborate by utilizing the remnants of their original house construction. There are numerous building materials that can be utilized, we utilize them to buy flowers.” Shofa continued.

DMC Dompet Dhuafa will organize a community group of 10 family heads before constructing the huntara. Once formed, DMC Dompet Dhuafa and RHP will share information regarding the development of the building with the concept of recycle, ranging from size, materials, to architecture, and the cultivation of the spirit of empowerment. When the group has built and socialized the recycle house, the community will work together to build a community for each group member.

The concept of empowerment is critical, DMC Dompet Dhuafa not only hopes to assist in the form of materials, but also knowledge and skills that they can use until the future.

One of the ready-made pilot locations is in the Agus Falahudin family’s Base Village. Agus Falahudin is a Huntara Bunga beneficiary who lives with his wife and two children. Agus is grateful for the Huntara Bunga’s building. Agus is very grateful for the construction of Huntara Bunga. He and the residents worked together to build Huntara Bunga. According to him, Huntara Bunga feels much safer than his house, devastated by the earthquake.

“Before the earthquake, I had a permanent brick house with three rooms, when there was an earthquake, I didn’t want to see tall houses with bricks. Because I also feel, maybe even the elderly, also don’t want (brick houses). I want a house like this (huntara). I don’t want a good house (towering), it’s also simple, it’s okay, the important thing is, it’s comfortable and the safety of my family is more guaranteed,” explained Agus.

One of the beneficiary families of the Huntara Dompet Dhuafa program.

He thought this structure was better than a tall house, but it was damaged and threatened life in the event of an earthquake. He also admits to being scarred by his prior residence. He hopes Huntara can help him recover from his ordeal.

“Alhamdulillah, Thanks to the DMC Dompet Dhuafa family and their extended family. May Allah SWT replace this goodness and grant the Dompet Dhuafa family a long life. I cannot repay the large family of DMC Dompet Dhuafa and coworkers (donors). Insyallah, DMC Dompet Dhuafa advances, has a long life and is provided with the best sustenance. As a family, we can only pray and cannot do anything.” He went on.

Siti Samsiah, also known as Teh Neng, Agus’s wife, expressed her gratitude for being a beneficiary of the Huntara Bunga pilot. She expressed her gratitude for the assistance provided by this house.

“Every memory is at home. All my memories, from elementary school, middle school, and high school until I had two children, were made at home. I can’t bear the thought of owning a home. The house used to be cozy; thank God, it is now even more so.” Teh Neng stated.

Rahmat Saputra, one of the group leaders and Teh Neng’s father, stated that the Huntara Bunga was built in three to four days through mutual cooperation. Huntara Bunga, he claims, is a people’s residence where mutual collaboration is the foundation and outcomes of hard effort in the self-recovery process following the earthquake.

“It’s a group effort known as a people’s house. Mutual aid construction was completed in three and a half days, otherwise mutual aid could take six days or more “Rahmat agreed.

“Then the entirety of the structure that was used yesterday was at his door,” he went on.

The house inside view.

DMC Dompet Dhuafa invites the community to participate in the goodness of Bantos Cianjur Pulih with recovery programs, one of which is Huntara Bunga. By participating in this kindness, the community has helped provide empowerment and long-term change for survivors affected by the Cianjur earthquake. The public can visit https://digital.dompetdhuafa.org/donasi/cianjurbangkit. It’s time for Indonesia to be empowered to face disasters, from us to Cianjur to rise.

“The hope is that before the month of Ramadan this year, all survivors will soon (have and) enter the hunt,” Shofa concluded. (Dompet Dhuafa/DMC)