Empowering Local Farmers, Dompet Dhuafa Introduces a Greenhouse Endowment and Conducts Sterilization

Wakaf Green House untuk Pemberdayaan Petani Lokal

SUKABUMI, WEST JAVA – In addition to the Tahfidz Islamic boarding school, Dompet Dhuafa has also constructed a mosque and a greenhouse in the Wakaf Green Lido Area in Sukabumi. In the future, there will also be a Quran memorization school (Pesantren Penghafal Al-Qur’an), and a house for religious scholars (rumah ustaz), as well as other support facilities for educational activities.

The Greenhouse endowment was built using advanced agricultural technology, namely the drip irrigation system. Currently, the Greenhouse is already standing, and the installations have been perfectly set up. The next step is sterilization to ensure that the cultivation is free from pests and diseases.

Udi Rafiudi, the Partner Manager for the Greenhouse Endowment, explained that it takes at least three days to carry out the sterilization of the Greenhouse before starting the planting process.

“This is because there are several types of substances used for sterilization,” Udi explained on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

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Wakaf Green House untuk Pemberdayaan Petani Lokal

Wakaf Green House untuk Pemberdayaan Petani Lokal

Sterilization is carried out by spraying specific substances using a sprayer with a capacity of around 15 liters. This process is done by directing the sprayer to every corner inside the Greenhouse comprehensively. Farmers are also advised to walk backward while spraying the sterilization substances to prevent inhalation and minimize direct contact with the planting medium.

According to Udi, after the Greenhouse sterilization, the sterilization of the planting medium, namely cocopeat, will be conducted.

“The plan is to start the seeding process next Monday (August 14, 2023),” Udi explained.

The Greenhouse itself was constructed as a learning facility for students (santri) and for the empowerment of local farmers. As an agrarian country, the agricultural sector plays a significant role in driving the national economy. Indonesia’s vast and fertile land, supported by two seasons, makes most of its soil highly suitable for agriculture. The introduction of technology and advancements in agricultural science is good news for optimizing the agricultural sector.

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Yoga Amri Fauzi, a local farmer, expressed gratitude for being entrusted to help manage the Greenhouse. Previously, he was only familiar with traditional farming methods.

Wakaf Green House untuk Pemberdayaan Petani Lokal

Wakaf Green House untuk Pemberdayaan Petani Lokal

“This is something new. I’m interested in delving deeper into modern farming. Hopefully, the results will be optimal,” he said.

It’s worth noting that the Green Lido Tahfidz Islamic boarding school is the first Islamic boarding school built by Dompet Dhuafa using a productive endowment mechanism. Utilizing a two-hectare land in Lido, Sukabumi, its main goal is to provide opportunities and quality facilities for prospective male and female students.

Financial constraints should not hinder the enthusiasm of students to seek knowledge. The vision is for students to not only learn religious knowledge but also to be equipped with technological knowledge, including in the field of agriculture, by introducing a Greenhouse in the endowed area. (Dompet Dhuafa/Wakaf/Hafiz/Anndini)