Giving Appreciation for Assistance to the Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake, the Indonesian Ambassador: Thank You, Zakat Institution


SOUTH TANGERANG — The devastating earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria in early February 2023 left the world in mourning. In fact, until now, aftershocks with considerable strength have continued to occur there. Day by day, humanitarian aid continues to grow as the number of victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake increase.

In response, various philanthropic institutions from all over the world, including Dompet Dhuafa, continued to distribute basic and basic needs assistance for earthquake survivors. They worked hand in hand and collaborated to provide optimal services for the victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake. The Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey, Dr. Lalu Muhamad Iqbal also appreciated the movement of the network of good friends who have assisted to this day.

In addition, the Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey also expressed his appreciation to zakat institutions that are members of the Zakat Forum or Forum Zakat (FOZ) for their contributions to helping Turkish earthquake survivors.

“On behalf of the Indonesian government, I would like to thank the zakat institution for helping the victims of the Turkish earthquake. The contribution of zakat institutions greatly strengthens Indonesia’s role in global humanitarian action,” he said at a meeting with FOZ at the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara, Hilal, Hilal Mh. Sukarno Cd, Hollanda Cd. No:24 D:1, 06550 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

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Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey, Lalu Muhamad Iqbal in a meeting with FOZ at the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

On the agenda, the Executive Director of the Zakat Forum, Agus Budiyanto reported a series of contributions of FOZ member zakat institutions to the Turkish earthquake.

“Currently, there are 23 zakat institutions that have come down in handling the Turkish earthquake, ranging from rescue clusters or evacuation health clusters, logistics clusters, and recovery clusters,” he explained.

This handling action spread to various locations affected by the earthquake, such as Hatay, Gaziantep, Reyhanli, Zaitinobe, and others.

“Based on information from the Indonesian Embassy, urgent assistance is currently tented for survivors to live until the Turkish government rebuilds their homes,” said Agus.

The agenda also discussed plans for further collaboration between the government and zakat institutions in the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase of the Turkish earthquake. Dr Lalu said that the Indonesian Embassy and FOZ member zakat institutions would hold a Ramadan Festival at the refugee camp.

“Not only that, the program that we can execute together is the Development of Indonesian Villages, namely the Indonesian ecosystem in the disaster area, starting from houses, schools, markets, mosques, and others built by many Indonesian entities,” he added.

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Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey, Lalu Muhamad Iqbal in a meeting with FOZ at the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

Given the huge role of zakat in rebuilding the dignity of Turkish society that has been snatched away by the devastating earthquake, Dr Lalu also invited the community to work together in the zakat movement for humanitarian actions. Not only at the local level, but also at the international level.

“So, this will be an opportunity for Indonesia to become an important player by increasing the contribution of global humanitarian action. In line with this, for the zakat movement, I also hope to strengthen that role in global humanitarian action. Our collaboration on the Turkish earthquake is momentum,” said Dr. Lalu.

The Role of Dompet Dhuafa

On a different occasion, The Chief Executive Officer of Dompet Dhuafa’s Disaster Management Center (DMC), Arif Rahmadi Haryono said that as a member of FOZ, Dompet Dhuafa had voiced its concern for Turkiye-Syria, and participated in collaboratively sending aid to survivors in Turkiye-Syria.

Through the DMC unit of Dompet Dhuafa, the helping hand of kindness from Kawan Baik is always distributed precisely and quickly. This results from the collaboration between Kawan Baik, Dompet Dhuafa, and the government.

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“Dompet Dhuafa through the DMC response organ welcomes the collaboration between the government and zakat institutions as well as humanitarian agencies in handling earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. This is good practice considering the impact of a very large earthquake and requires continuous synergy to ensure survivors can recover as soon as possible,” explained Arif in a short message.

“In the future, the recovery of the Turkish and Syrian earthquakes needs to prioritize aspects of human development and infrastructure aspects. Dompet Dhuafa invites the participation of every community to be actively involved in these recovery efforts,” continued Arif.

Dompet Dhuafa reports while in Turkey.

Dompet Dhuafa has made relief efforts through food distribution, ready-to-eat food, and blankets. In addition, Dompet Dhuafa is also involved in evacuation actions with Indonesia Search and Rescue (INASAR) and health services that are members of the Indonesian Emergency Medical Team (EMT). The Dompet Dhuafa collaboration helped count 5,832 people.

Good People, the survivor of the Turkiye-Syrian Earthquake still needs a helping hand of kindness. Let’s rally the ranks and strengthen solidarity to help our brothers and sisters in Turkiye-Syria. Good People can send help and prayers through the page below. It’s time for the world to be empowered to face disasters. (AFP/DMC Dompet Dhuafa)