Humanesia 2022: This Togetherness Is About Us

INDONESIA — Dompet Dhuafa believes that there are many stories around us. Happy, laughing, also proud. Even tiredness, trouble, and guilt. We may be going through this together. Or we’re not looking at what should be seen?

Dompet Dhuafa is also convinced that the more we help others, the more we realize how much we are helping ourselves. Perhaps, something we are looking for in this life journey exists close to us. It’s not about how far the achievement goes.

If life is a togetherness, then the question arises, how close have we been to each other? We can do something good, try to help others, and sacrifice for others. The earth is not for us alone.

Yes, #IniTentangKita , with a variety of differences in one equation. By working and believing that our humanitarian support is strengthening each other. The dedication of concern that Dompet Dhuafa summarized in the momentum of the Humamice campaign so that optimism ignites, which opens 2023.

Dedication of the ‘Indonesia Siap Siaga’ program for those affected by disasters. Sharing the meaning of passion to the ‘Resilient Women’. Give ‘Year-End Gifts’ to the orphaned siblings, from us foster siblings. Even ‘Waqf for Mother’ became the dedication of eternal prayer for our parents.

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“Dompet Dhuafa carries the tagline ‘It’s About Us’. The meaning of ‘Us’ means all parties. Dompet Dhuafa, Volunteers, Donors, Beneficiaries, Partnership Network, and everyone. Describes all parties from different backgrounds, statuses, occupations, and ages. To be actively involved together in caring for the collective good, closer and more inherent,” said the Head of Humanesia 2022 Dompet Dhuafa, Maya Nuraini.

Vice Chairman of Humanesia 2022, Utammi S. Lestari, added that there are at least 4 (four) highlight programs at Humanesia this year. Among them are Indonesia Siap Siaga, Gifts for Orphans, Tough Women, and Waqf for Mothers.

“Previously, Dompet Dhuafa opened the spirit of Humanesia through the Sound of Humanity (S.O.H.) event, which took place at the end of last November in Jakarta. This is one of our efforts in the dedication of Indonesia Siap Siaga to help disaster victims in Cianjur. Moved some involvement of musicians such as Indra The Rain, Marginal, Mr. Jarwo feat. Abdel Achrian and V1Mast, and enlivened by Aldi Taher and Dini Andromeda as the Hosts,” said Utammi.

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Through Humanesia this time, Dompet Dhuafa will focus on public awareness of humanity, thereby growing sustainable programs in the struggle for dedication.

Humanesia for them and all of us. Together feel each other, strengthen with our goodness: . (Dompet Dhuafa)

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