Inaugurating TBM Panrita Lestari, Dompet Dhuafa Invites the Society to Join the LiterAction

GOWA, SOUTH SULAWESI — Dompet Dhuafa through the South Sulawesi Branch inaugurated Taman Bacaan Masyarakat or TBM (the Community Reading Park) Panrita Lestari in Rannaloe Village, Bungaya District, Gowa Regency on Wednesday (8/2/2023). The TBM there has become an icon of literacy in an effort to build a culture of love to read, and it is a work of mutual cooperation of all levels of society through the Independent Cluster program in the Gowa Regency area.

The TBM, which was built within 4 (four) months, now stands firm and charming at the far end of Gowa Regency. Its existence behind the towering mountains does not limit the enthusiasm of the local society to the outside society to peek at the charm of the architectural beauty of its distinctive building. Of course, they want to witness the enthusiasm of the residents in working hand in hand to establish TBM which aims to be a center for learning activities for all people in Rannaloe Village.

“Only this time did I see the Community Reading Park which is not only conceptualized as a society learning center for all people, but also as a place where all levels of society are empowered, because in the yard there are vegetable and toga plants which of course can be used by local residents,” said Drs. Aswar Said M.M, the head of library field in his speech.

The TBM program is an Area-based community empowerment concept managed by Dompet Dhuafa, covering education aspect through Sekolah Literasi Indonesia (SLI), health aspect through Layanan Kesehatan Cuma-cuma (LKC), and aspects of community economic empowerment. The program, which has been running since October 2022, is an implementation of the distribution of the Matahari customers’ donation program (PT Matahari Department Store, Tbk) through Dompet Dhuafa.

On that occasion, the society also sold their harvest and their self-business products such as various kinds of processed food, drinks, garden products, as well as various products of their business such as palm sugar, patchouli fragrant oil, and so on. This is an initiative effort of the TBM management as an organizing committee of the activities, in order to introduce the natural potential that becomes their source and daily livelihood.

The inauguration activity which was held lively there was attended by various Stakeholders, they were the Regent of Gowa represented by the head of library field of Gowa Regency, the Koramil Post Commander of Bungaya District, Binmas Bungaya District, DD Sulsel Branch Leader, Rahmat Hidayat, Head of Lembaga Pengembangan Insani (LPI) DD, Mulyadi Saputra, SLI Team, Media team from RRI Makassar City, Rannaloe Village Head,  Alimuddin, S.Pd., along with all other government officials, religious figures, PKK mobilization teams, teachers and principals throughout Bungaya District, youth figures, and other general public.

“Hopefully the TBM here will be present to educate the society in Rannaloe Village, all people can become literate people,” hoped Mulyadi Saputra when interviewed by the Makassar City RRI.

The inauguration of TBM, which was attended by hundreds of residents of Rannaloe Village, was also coupled with the stage action of all students from kindergartens, elementary schools, primary schools, and high schools throughout Bungaya District, start from the performance of tambourine qasidah, traditional dances and creations, poems, dramas, salawat (Islamic complimentary arabic phrases), and others.

The inauguration of TBM, which had been held since morning to noon, was also coupled with the launch of books written by the people of Rannaloe Village as well as the inauguration of the Panrita Lestari TBM management, Dokter Kecil, Bunda Literasi, Literacy Ambassadors, School Reading Ambassadors, and Youth Posyandu (community-based health effort).

The Rannaloe Village Government is very grateful for the establishment of TBM in their midst because it has a resource center for children’s activities and adults to read books as they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, because of its very neat and aesthetic construction. “Hopefully this TBM can attract many people to visit and read, and in the future this TBM can also be a place for children to play and preserve our culture, such as learning to dance and so on,” said one of the residents. (Dompet Dhuafa / South Sulawesi / Dhika)