Introducing the Ease of Sacrifice in the Digital Era, Dompet Dhuafa Held a Talk Show on Stocking Sacrificial Animals 1444 H


JAKARTA — Stocking Sacrificial Animals (THK) is a program of Dompet Dhuafa that has been running for 29 years. THK is presented to make the Eid al-Adha worship of Muslims more blessed and valuable. The number of empowered small farmers proves this during the THK Program. The THK Dompet Dhuafa Program can reach small farmers in remote parts of the archipelago and distribute sacrificial meat evenly to remote parts of the country.

Considering that Eid al-Adha 1444 H is approaching, Dompet Dhuafa also held a talk show to increase public awareness of the Sacrificial Animal Stocking Program. Located at the Philanthropy Building, Jatipadang, Pasar Minggu, this event was held on Wednesday (24/05/2023) and was attended by the media crew and Dompet Dhuafa personnel.

The talk show “The Easy Sacrifice in the Digital Era” also presented the best speakers, guided by Nina Sakinah as Host. The speakers included Mariatul Kibtiah, Chairman of the THK Dompet Dhuafa 2023 Committee, Adi Kurniawan as SO Digital Kurban Dompet Dhuafa, Haerani Akbar who is Head of IT Transmedia, and Luqman Ibnu as VP of Business Operations DANA Indonesia.

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The speakers of the Talk Show Stocking Sacrificial Animals 1444 H Dompet Dhuafa.
Luqman Ibnu as VP of Business Operations DANA Indonesia when giving the presentation.

Side by side with the growing digitalization era, the THK Dompet Dhuafa Program has also progressed. With the ease of digital transactions, sacrificial distribution will also be more comprehensive. The expansion of this good potential also dramatically impacts the empowerment of small farmers in the territory of Indonesia.

As Director of Communication, Technology and Governance of Dompet Dhuafa, Prima Hadi Putra was also present in this activity. Through his speech, Putra said that it had been 29 years since Dompet Dhuafa spread the community’s mandate to spread sacrificial animals.

“Last year, we also managed to collect around 30,000 sacrificial animals and distribute them to almost all regions in Indonesia, as well as several neighbouring countries,” explained Putra.

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According to him, the digital era benefits the growth of Dompet Dhuafa programs, one of which is Stocking Sacrificial Animals.

“With digitalisation, Dompet Dhuafa has already settled and spread sacrificial animals. Technology also greatly simplifies, speeds up, and increases (the number of) beneficiaries,” said Putra.

Director of Technology, Communication and Governance of Dompet Dhuafa, Prima Hadi Putra when giving a speech.

THK Committee Chairman Mariatul Kibtiah explains that Dompet Dhuafa continues to make system improvements and technological developments every year. So, now THK services are also switching to digital optimization. If, in the past, donors made manual transactions to Dompet Dhuafa counters, now donors can quickly pay for sacrifices through digital platforms.

“From receipt to reporting, Dompet Dhuafa already uses technology. Every donation that comes in (will) be recorded name by name because it is also mentioned per name at the time of slaughter. So, in every transaction, we ensure there is a donor’s name. Hence, donors also get information about sacrificial animals, starting from the animals ready for distribution to the slaughter stage. This is to ensure that what is entrusted by donors has been conveyed and distributed,” said the figure, who is often called Mbak Lia.

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According to Haerani Akbar, Head of IT Transmedia, one of the speakers at this event, the digital era is marked by using the internet and digital applications that facilitate access. Only by using a smartphone can we efficiently make online transactions or access various information online.

Haerani Akbar as Head of IT Transmedia when giving a presentation.

Although this digitalization makes it easier, he emphasized that things such as the level of security must be considered. According to him, cybersecurity is one of the challenges of digitalization itself.

“This needs to be underlined because now the percentage of data theft is also quite high. So, we must keep donor data safe so that trust can be felt and donors are also comfortable. We must not be careless with this digital security,” said Akbar.

Dompet Dhuafa Digital Channel

As SO Digital Kurban Dompet Dhuafa, Adi Kurniawan also explained what digital channels Dompet Dhuafa uses, especially for the THK program. There are at least two types of digital channels owned by Dompet Dhuafa, namely internal and external.

“The internal digital channel is the Dompet Dhuafa channel for donors who make Ziswaf transactions. This donation portal continues to be developed even though it has just been released, and there is still some input from donors,” said Adi.

“For external channels, Dompet Dhuafa collaborates with crowdfunding, e-commerce, and fintech to publicise Ziswaf programs, including animal sacrifice (qurban). The community’s enthusiasm through digital channels is also quite high, so Dompet Dhuafa tries to continue to be ready and develop all the needs of donors,” he added.

One example of Dompet Dhuafa’s external digital channel is establishing a partnership with one of the fintech companies that is also quite widely used by the public, DANA.

Adi Kurniawan as SO Digital Kurban Dompet Dhuafa.

Luqman Ibnu, VP of Business Operations of DANA Indonesia, explained that the collaboration between Dompet Dhuafa and DANA wants to facilitate payments and access to user donations. In fact, not only paying zakat but also now donors can also pay qurban to Dompet Dhuafa via this application.

“This not only provides access to users but also provides comfort and confidence to users that sacrificial money is used properly and transparently,” Luqman said.

In addition, Mariatul Kibtiah also explained that for the THK Program, Dompet Dhuafa also has a digital system called KIS (Kurban Information System), which bridges between Dompet Dhuafa, partners, and donors and becomes a forum for reporting.  (Dompet Dhuafa/Awalia Ramadhani)

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