Invite Ambulance Drivers throughout West Java, Dompet Dhuafa West Java Holds Safety Driving and Basic Life Support Training

BANDUNG — In order to reduce the number of accidents in transportation modes in Indonesia, especially the Ambulance fleet, Dompet Dhuafa West Java held a Safety Driving and Basic Life Support training entitled Precise, Fast and Responsive to Face Emergency Conditions on Sunday (25/9/2022). Situated in the SLRT Building, Bandung Regency, as many as 60 ambulance drivers throughout West Java participated in this training.

In this training, Dompet Dhuafa worked in collaboration with various agencies, including; Bandung Regency Social Service, Bandung Regency Health Office, Bandung City Police, and Soreang Hospital Bandung Regency.


DD West Java Holds Safety Driving & Basic Life Support Training

 “We carry out this training because there is a need in the field. Ambulance drivers need to be proficient in driving and have knowledge about Basic Life Support,” said Aca Sujana, Supervisor of the Dompet Dhuafa Jabar Program.

Next, Aca said that knowledge about Basic Life Support could be a vital provision if there is an emergency condition when carrying a patient or when finding an accident patient on the road.


DD West Java Holds Safety Driving & Basic Life Support Training

 “Through this training, it is expected that ambulance drivers can have qualified skills in driving a safe ambulance and be able to provide basic life support to patients in emergency conditions,” said Aca.

The training material presented consisted of Basic Life Support material from the Bandung District Health Office, Safety Driving from the Bandung Police, and Health Emergency Response from Dompet Dhuafa.

DD West Java Holds Safety Driving & Basic Life Support Training

In addition to theoretical material, participants were also equipped with practical and simulation materials so that when dealing with emergency conditions, they remain calm, do not panic, and facilitate the situation correctly according to safety procedures. The health emergency response given is in the form of; evacuation, stabilization, and mobilization of patients to ambulances. (Dompet Dhuafa / West Java)