JAKHUMFEST 2022: Echo the Indonesia Listening & Recovery Cianjur Program

JAKARTA – Jakarta Humanity Festival (Jakhumfest) 2022 is approaching. Dompet Dhuafa’s 3rd event, which raised humanitarian issues this year, carries the theme Of This About Us. Jakhumfest will be held on January 28-29, 2023, in coincide with the Bloc Philatelic Post, Central Jakarta.

The Chairman of Jakhumfest 2022, Dandy Esviyansyah Fathoni, revealed that this year, Dompet Dhuafa raised two issues simultaneously as the main program. The two programs are the Indonesia Listening program and the recovery of Cianjur after the earthquake that occurred on (21/11/2022).

“This year carries the concept of This About Us, but the core program of Jakhumfest 2022 is the first 2 points, the Indonesia listening program where we will focus on helping deaf friends, and the second is the Cianjur Recovery program,” said Dandy when interviewed.

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Besides, the kindness campaign has been going on since the end of last year; it calls for a movement to share with others bullied by hardships and disasters. This year’s Jakhumfest presents various exciting and different events related to humanity.

“Only if we pull it back to Jakhumfest 2022, there are three series of events, and the first is a talk show. There is financial planning, mental health, and volunteering. For our workshop, there are two. We collaborate with Seratan Studio, where visitors will be invited to make handicrafts, and there is also a sign language learning workshop where we collaborate with silang.id, ending with Sound of Humanity (SOH), well this SOH invites marginalized punk children, the Indie band is Mocca, The Rain, and Chiki Fawzi.” added Dandy.

Dandy explained that the 3rd humanitarian event is friendly to friends with disabilities because, in each series of events, there will be translators who will translate for friends with disabilities.

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“In each series of events, there will be translators and even at the music concert, there will be 2 musicians who use sign language, Chiki Fawzi and Mocca,” he explained.

Not only that but there are also several installations, such as photography exhibitions produced by Dompet Dhuafa journalists and disaster goods exhibition installations. In this session, Dompet Dhuafa will present items affected by the Cianjur earthquake so that visitors can feel the firsthand experience of the events there, a quiet room, snakes and ladders puzzles to educate children. There is also a story corner where visitors can tell their grievances or vent to the psychologists and a much more exciting series that Sahabat Dompet Dhuafa can feel. 

There are various tickets that Sahabat Dompet Dhuafa can choose to be able to experience the entire series of Jakhumfest 2022. Including:

  1.           Suka-Suka Ticket: Pay sincerely
  2.           Package Rp.65.000: Ticket + Tote Bag
  3.           Package Rp. 100.000: Ticket + T-Shirt
  4.           Package Rp. 165.000: Ticket + Tote Bag + T-Shirt

The proceeds from selling these tickets will be fully donated to the Dompet Dhuafa Humanitarian program, and later there will also be a challenge of kindness. If Dompet Dhuafa Friends participates in the entire series of events, they will get exclusive Dompet Dhuafa merchandise.

Jakhumfest 2022 is expected to add knowledge about Dompet Dhuafa to the community, and the greatest hope can realize the Indonesia Listening and Recovery Cianjur program.