Jakhumfest 2023: How to Set an Anti-Overthinking Budget a la Annisa Steviani


JAKARTA – Entering the beginning of 2023, of course, we need to recap and re-organize finances for the next one year. Managing finances or financial planning is certainly a mandatory thing for us to do, so that all needs are met properly without missing anything.

Not to mention, recently the issue of recession has strengthened and it is estimated that the whole world will experience a recession era in 2023. Economists expect a significant decrease in economic activity that will last for months, even years. Therefore, every single person must know and understand how to manage finances, especially in this recession year.

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Annisa Steviani when delivering material on financial planning at Jakhumfest 2023.

In the Jakhumfest 2023 Financial Planner Talkshow segment, Sunday (29/1/2023), Annisa Steviani as a certified Financial Planner shared her tips related to financial planning or setting the 2023 budget, so we do not need to overthink about finances.

There are three tips shared by Annisa Steviani, the first of which is that we need to have control or self-control, so that we do not spend money according to our pleasure only. Second, we need to prepare an emergency fund for unexpected urgent needs. Then the last tip is to prepare assets or investments for future life.


In addition, Annisa also reminded us to immediately apply these tips in our lives. The reason is that theory without practice will not be useful.

“Don’t forget to start, it’s useless to have a lot of theories if you don’t do it right away today,” said Annisa Steviani.

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The material presented by Annisa Steviani was very interesting, this could be seen from the visitors who asked her many questions. One of those visitors was Maily, a 31-year-old woman who was struggling to apply financial planning in her life. For her, Annisa Steviani’s presentation at the Jakhumfest 2023 Financial Planning Talkshow was very valuable.

Maily (31) while asking questions related to financial planning to Annisa Steviani.

“It’s like a reminder for me, adding insight and it’s like I’m reminded again, reminded over and over again, because managing finances is like faith, right… There are ups and downs. I’ve come here so I was reminded again,” Maily said when interviewed. (Dompet Dhuafa/Ronna)