LKC Collaborates with PSC 119 to Conduct Basic Life Support Training for Palembang Residents

Pelatihan Bantuan Hidup Dasar di Palembang

PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATRA — On Tuesday (21/11/2023), a Basic Life Support (BLS) training session was successfully held at Nurul Iman Mosque, RT 32, Sungai Lais Neighborhood, Kalidoni District, Palembang City. This training was initiated by Dompet Dhuafa through its Free Healthcare Service (LKC) South Sumatra branch, in collaboration with the Public Safety Center (PSC) 119 of South Sumatra.

The event was organized to provide the communities of RT 31 and 32 in Sungai Lais Neighborhood with training related to urban disaster management. The focus of this training was on disaster preparedness, health crisis management, and everyday emergency situations.

A total of 22 participants, including health post cadres, community leaders, religious figures, and local residents, took part in the training. The training was led by Dr. Zakiah Khoirunnisa and the PSC 119 team from South Sumatra Province.

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Pelatihan Bantuan Hidup Dasar di Palembang

The training material focused on BLS, which consists of a set of initial actions to restore respiratory function and/or circulation in individuals experiencing respiratory arrest and/or cardiac arrest.

Dr. Zakiah Khoirunnisa stated that the Basic Life Support Training is a crucial step in providing accurate and proper first aid to emergency victims.

“Emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime. Everyone should be able to provide first aid when encountering such conditions,” she said.

Pelatihan Bantuan Hidup Dasar di Palembang

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In her explanation, Dr. Zakiah Khoirunnisa emphasized that BLS actions should be performed immediately if a victim is found with signs of respiratory distress, no signs of breathing, and/or no pulse.

This training aims to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and skills of the community in providing appropriate initial treatment to cardiac arrest victims before evacuation to healthcare facilities.

Through this training, Dompet Dhuafa hopes the community will be more prepared and trained to handle emergency situations, enabling them to provide quick and effective assistance when needed. (Dompet Dhuafa/South Sumatra/Ahb)