LPM Dompet Dhuafa Distributes Basic Food Packages for Kronjo Fishermen

TANGERANG – LPM Dompet Dhuafa distributed as many as 43 food packages for fishing families in Pagedangan Ilir Village, Kronjo, Tangerang Regency on Wednesday (11/01/2023).

The necessities were distributed because the fishermen could not go to sea due to extreme weather. This situation also made them lose income for many days. In fact, to the point of having to go into debt to meet daily food needs.

“As long as you can’t go to sea, there is no income, so to eat, we have to wait at the stall first. Alhamdulillah, I am very happy to be able to get food package assistance from Dompet Dhuafa,” said Suryadi.

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Yes, extreme weather at the beginning of the year is a problem for coastal communities, especially fishermen. The heavy rain, strong winds, and high waves prevented them from going to sea. There is no income, so fishing families have to struggle to meet their food needs. 

Various struggles of fishing communities in addition to weather matters, the need for solar capital is also a burden. Erratic catches, sometimes just making little money.

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“The purpose of this distribution is to help fishermen who did not go to sea a few days ago. Although the weather has also been sunny, the results have not been maximized. Hopefully, after this, the fishermen can resume their activities as usual and catch as expected,” said Rifky, LPM Action Coordinator.

About the Community Service Institute (Lembaga Pelayan Masyarakat (LPM))

The Community Service Institute is one of Dompet Dhuafa’s organs concentrating on social activities. LPM optimizes zakat funds by providing social services for mustahiks and solving fertility problems. This is done to meet the community’s basic needs, both material and spiritual.

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Program implementation activities use two patterns of approach, namely regular services by opening service counters at Graha Zakat and holding active services, namely creating programs in vulnerable communities. (Dompet Dhuafa/LPM)