Pesantren Gemilang, Embrace Elderly Donors towards the Benefits of Life

SUKABUMI, WEST JAVA – As a form of concern for elderly donors, Dompet Dhuafa invited 26 donors to participate in the Pesantren Gemilang activity. The event occurred at Kampoong Hening, Cidahu Village, Sukabumi, on February 25-27, 2023. Pesantren Gemilang is the first program held by Dompet Dhuafa as an effort to pay attention to the needs of donors in old age, especially for donors who are 50 years old and above.

“Pesantren Gemilang is a three-day joint activity in which we will do many things. And there is also the delivery of material that will arouse our ruhiyah, hone our heart, and arouse our awareness of the nature of life, especially for those already in their old age,” explained Bobby Manulang, General Manager of Donor Services and Retail Waqf Dompet Dhuafa.

The participants of Pesantren Gemilang were so enthusiastic about participating in each series of events.
Bobby Manulang delivered a speech.

The activities varied for three days, with materials filled with competent speakers in their fields. Other activities are worshipping together, starting from compulsory prayers, tahajud, and dhuha. The speakers who were present to fill in the material in this activity included: Sofie Beatrix, Ustaz Ahmad Fauzi Qasim, Dr Astriana Yulda, Jamil Azzaini, Ustaz Ahmad Pranggono, and Fatchuri Rosidin.

 On the first day (25/02/2023), the material presented was Being Healthy and Happy with Mindfulness by Sofie Beatrix. This material invites the participants to do mindful breathing and body scanning, followed by lunch together and rest. Then, there is also a creativity class to make Cocodama, who is still with Sofie Beatrix and her students. 

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Then in the evening, the activity continued with the material Tazkiyatun Nafs for a Muslim delivered by Ustaz Ahmad Fauzi Qasim. Participants looked enthusiastic and happy to participate in the activities on this first day.

 “Pesantren Gemilang is Dompet Dhuafa’s endeavour for those 50 years old and above. We hope (they) can have the ability to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, we need a human being who strengthens his worship, his faith, and most importantly, how his life ends, husnul khatimah,” said Fauzi Qasim.

Participants solemnly followed the material of Tazkiyatun Nafs by Ustaz Ahmad Fauzi Qasim.
Dawn (Shubuh) prayers are performed in congregations followed by joint prayers.

The cool cold air in Cidahu Village did not discourage the participants. On the following day (26/02/2023), participants were also very active in participating in activities ranging from praying tahajud together, then another mindful breathing session with Sofie Beatrix in the morning and continuing to pray dhuha congregation.

In the afternoon, dr. Astriana Yulda also gave material on Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit in Old Age, which was followed by a break for a nap.

“There are more and more elderly people now, but we should not be elderly people who burden children, the country, and all. The elderly are great and cool, and their ability is amazing. All the elderly must also be subject, who must make decisions, set an example and must be able to be independent. The government itself is trying to make the elderly in Indonesia cool and strong elderly,” explained the speaker, who is familiarly called dr. Ririn said in his session.

dr.Ririn delivered the material Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit in Old Age.
The emotional bond between the participants and the committee was so strong.

The day’s series of events continued in the afternoon with the material On-kan Hidup by motivator Jamil Azzaini. Later in the evening, with Ustaz Ahmad Pranggono with the material Reaching the Life of Husnul Khotimah.

On the last day (27/02/2023), participants were still actively participating in existing activities even though the weather was raining. From the congregational dawn (shubuh) prayer service, continue with a healing massage with Sofie Beatrix. They are then continued with the closing material by Fatchuri Rosidin regarding Life Again at Sixty.

Ahmad Pranggono with the material Reaching the Life of Husnul Khotimah
Writing of impressions from participants

It unconsciously felt that the activities of Pesantren Gemilang had ended, and it was time for the closing moment, and they returned home. Emotional faces filled the farewell that afternoon because, during the activity, the donors were already familiar with the committee, even like children and parents themselves, an honor for Dompet Dhuafa.

“This activity is beneficial for us. The materials presented also add knowledge that can be used as provisions to continue the rest of our time. Especially to do good and keep the faith (istiqamah), because we get material not only about religion but also about health,” said Nonviarni Mawardji (63), one of the donors who participated in the Gemilang Islamic Boarding School.

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“Hopefully, Dompet Dhuafa will continue to be successful in carrying out its mission of improving the economy of the duafa people. Hopefully, this program can continue, especially for those who have entered old age and can be out of work,” concluded Nonvi. (Dompet Dhuafa/Awalia R)