SMA Labschool Cibubur Collected Humanitarian Donations to Cianjur

JAKARTA – Students of class XII Labschool Cibubur, or known as the NY batch (Naradipta Yadavendra) also participated in humanitarian action by helping Cianjur earthquake survivors for the construction of Huntara Bunga. On (08/03/2023), Class XII students handed over humanitarian funds for an amount of Rp18,000,000 (eighteen million rupiahs) through Dompet Dhuafa.

The donation was handed over in Achievement and Motivation Training activity, and a Joint Prayer held by the school with the title “Generation Z: Efforts to Achieve Goals, Hopes and Dreams According to His Decrees.”

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Ali Chudori, as the principal of SMA Labschool Cibubur, said that this activity became a routine event every year, especially for students who were going to take the final exam. Also present in this activity were Gebi Yani Bawole, Ustadz Hilman Fauzi, and also the Dompet Dhuafa Team.

“It is hoped that through these prayers and efforts, students can achieve all their goals, graduate with the best grades and be accepted into the college they’re dreaming of,” Ali said.

Symbolization of the handover of donations by students of class XII Labschool Cibubur to Dompet Dhuafa.

This humanitarian fund came from NY Batch students and also parents or guardians of the students. The donation was handed over directly by the Head of the NY Batch to Dompet Dhuafa, which was witnessed by the Principal and Vice Principal of Labschool Cibubur, the event committee, and the guardians of class XII students.

Ali also expressed his gratitude to Dompet Dhuafa, for being willing to distribute their donations to those in need in Cianjur. This activity was also intended to train students’ characteristics to share.

“Today our students in class XII gave their donations through Dompet Dhuafa to be distributed to those who deserve to receive them. I would like to thank Dompet Dhuafa for being willing to distribute the trust of the donations by students and parents. Of course, this is a part of building the students’ characteristics to share with others, especially in order to face school exams and lead them to prepare for college,” concluded Ali.

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In addition, there were also representatives of parents of class XII students of SMA Labschool (WOTK), Umi Pujiati, who thanked Dompet Dhuafa and gave her prayers and hopes to her sons and daughters.

“We, the representatives of the NY Batch, gave trust to Dompet Dhuafa to distribute alms from the students, with the hope that what has been their ideals will be granted by Allah, where this donation will later be distributed to Cianjur. Hopefully, our silaturahim (relationship) will be connected to the students of Labschool Cibubur and the Cianjur society,” said Umi Pujiati.

The donation handover took place in Achievement and Motivation Training activity, and Joint Prayer.

Kemal Aziz as Direct Network Fundraising of Dompet Dhuafa expressed his gratitude for the donation given. “On behalf of Dompet Dhuafa, we would like to thank the class XII students of NY batch of SMA Labschool Cibubur, for their synergy of kindness for the Huntara Cianjur program. God willing, we will convey this trust to those who deserve to receive it,” he said.

“Hopefully, this good activity will be a blessing, a reward, and a way to facilitate the dreams and affairs of all students, especially they’ll be given smoothness in the exams and it’ll be granted to be able to enter their desired universities,” he continued.

This humanitarian donation is expected to be able to help Cianjur earthquake survivors to rebuild their homes. “Hopefully, the people in Cianjur will also be patient, for everything that happened in the earthquake last time,” he added. (Dompet Dhuafa/Awalia R)