South Sumatra Dompet Dhuafa Prabumulih Service Unit Provides Training for Qur’an Recitation Improvement (Tahsin) Utsmani Method Batch 5

PRABUMULIH, SOUTH SUMATRA — To strengthen the mastery of Qur’an recitation by the community, the South Sumatra Dompet Dhuafa Service Unit Office (KUL) in Prabumulih re-opened the Tahsin Class 5 with the Ottoman method. The class opening ceremony officially occurred in Negeri Singok Sepemsoundyian, Prabumulih, on Monday (7/8/2023).

In addition to focusing on improving Qur’an readings, this class is also a means to establish friendship among participants. The activity was carried out after Asr brought together about 45 women of different ages in a placement exam. This training is proof of Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra’s commitment to making a positive contribution to increasing religious understanding and togetherness in the community.

Pelatihan tahsin metode usmani Dompet Dhuafa Sumsel

Pelatihan tahsin metode usmani Dompet Dhuafa Sumsel

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In his statement, the Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra Program Implementer KUL Prabumulih, Muhsinin said, “This Tahsin class is part of our efforts to support the Prabumulih community in improving their Qur’an recitation. We believe a better understanding of this holy book will benefit society.”

The opening ceremony of the tahsin class showed high enthusiasm from the Prabumulih community, especially women who wanted to deepen their understanding and reading of the Qur’an. Dompet Dhuafa Sumsel hopes that this activity will positively impact improving the spiritual and religious knowledge of the participants. (Dompet Dhuafa/Sumsel/AHB)