Spread Staple food or rice (Zakat Fitrah), Dompet Dhuafa Nurtures the Spirit of the Elderly to Survive.


GARUT, WEST JAVA — “Bungah pisan Emak teh.. Hatur nuhun Neng. Sing seer barokahna, yg dongkap deui; Sundanese, (Very happy. thank you. Hopefully, we will get a lot of blessing. Hopefully, tomorrow will come back),” said Amanah (80), an elderly person who lives alone in her wooden hut.

On Monday (10/4/2023), the Dompet Dhuafa Team visited Kp. Cimalingping, Cintanagara Village, Cigedug District, Garut Regency to distribute zakat fitrah. A mandate in the holy month of Ramadan is donors to needy communities.

1000 staple food or rice (zakat fitrah) packages were successfully distributed to residents living in two villages in Cigedug District, Garut Regency. Amanah also became one of the many beneficiaries of Dompet Dhuafa’s Spread Zakat Fitrah (TZF).

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Beneficiaries of zakat fitrah Dompet Dhuafa, Amanah (80)

Amanah lives at the foot of Mount Cikuray; her house is at the top end of Cimalingping Village, Cigedug. In the house on stilts dominated by wood, Amanah lived alone, unaccompanied by anyone. Only occasionally accompanied by the grandson at night so that she does not sleep alone.

(“Abdi ti bumi rumah nyalira”; Sundanese)  “I am at home alone,” said Amanah in a slowly shrank voice.

(“Aya wengi mah dan putu weh”; Sundanse) “if the night is only with grandchildren,” she continued.

Amanah depends on her son and occasionally her neighbours to meet her daily needs. The daily food is simple, rice and potluck vegetables, often without side dishes.

(“Abdi mah only dahar nasi and sayur, jarang side aya lauk”; Sundanese). “I only eat rice and vegetables, rarely side dishes,” said Amanah.

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Dompet Dhuafa came to Amanah’s residence in Cimalingping Village.
Dompet Dhuafa when distributing staple food or rice (zakat fitrah) to Amanah, a resident of Kp. Cimalingping, Cintanagara, Cigedug, Garut Regency.

Since reaching old age, Amanah no longer works as before because her physique is inadequate. Previously, Amanah worked farming and odd jobs like most residents in Cimalingping Village.

(“Tos teu kiat”; Sundanese)   “I am no longer strong to work” (“atos sepuh”; Sundanse) “I have been old now,” said the woman born in Samarang District, Garut.

(“Abdi teu acan tiasa ka mana-mana”; Sundanese)” I can’t go anywhere anymore,” she added.

On the sidelines of a conversation with Dompet Dhuafa, Amanah said that she had ten children from her marriage to her husband, who had passed away. But of the ten children, five of them have passed away. So, now Amanah only has five surviving children.

However, the five children lived far away from him. Only one child lives side by side with him in Cimalingping Village. It was the child who helped him meet his daily food needs.

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Amanah was doing activities at home.
Amanah was doing activities at home.

(“Teu rowuh caroge Emak ge, nyalira weh”); Sundanese) “I no longer have a husband, just alone.”

(“Sadayana mah 10, teu aya 5, mung ana 5 “; Sundanse “There are all 10 children, 5 died, now there are only 5 left),” continued Amanah.

When visited by Dompet Dhuafa in the middle of Ramadan to give staple food or rice (zakat fitrah), Amanah was happy. Besides being happy because he was given rice to meet his food needs, he was also happy because people visited and invited him to chat.

Hatur nuhun Neng, Kasep. “; Sundanese. “Thank you very much,” Amanah said endlessly.

In addition to Garut, Dompet Dhuafa zakat fitrah is distributed to other remote areas in Indonesia. That way, all people in need can feel the benefits of zakat fitrah, like Madame Amanah. (Dompet Dhuafa/Ronna)