Sustenance Opening Practice and Blessings in Daily Life

There are many practices that we can apply in everyday life. Sustenance is one aspect that is very important for every person. Sustenance can be interpreted as all forms of material and non-material abundance given by Allah SWT to His servants. Therefore, we need to know the sustenance opening practice that can be fulfilled to obtain blessed abundance.

Strengthen Relationships, Expanding Sustenance

Many hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad SAW give instructions on the sustenance opening practice. The Prophet said, from Ibn Shihab he said; has informed Anas bin Malik that the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: “Whoever wants to have a door of sustenance for him and his life prolonged, he should continue the cord of friendship.” (HR. Bukhari) [Saheeh No.5986 Version of Fathul Bari].

The above hadith teaches us to maintain and strengthen relationships (hubungan silaturahmi) with fellow human beings. By establishing good relationships and strengthening brotherhood, Allah SWT will open the door of wider sustenance for us. In this context, we must always maintain harmonious relationships with family, neighbours, friends, and the surrounding community. The sustenance produced from friendship is not only in the form of material but can also be in the form of help, science, or information.

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Sustenance Opening Practice by Improving the Quality of Worship

Besides strengthening relationships, the practice of opening sustenance that can be done next is to improve the quality of worship. We must increase the worship practice, such as keeping congregational prayers, doing sunnah prayers, reading the Quran, praying, and almsgiving.

In Surah Al-Anbiya verse 47, Allah Almighty says, “And We set the scales of justice for the Day of Judgment, so let no one harm himself. And if there is any good as the weight of a zarrah seed, We will surely obtain it (in return) and We will suffice with (counting) all practices.”

This verse teaches us that every good we do, no matter how small, will bring rewards from Allah SWT. By trying to improve the quality of our worship, we open the door to greater sustenance.

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Maintaining Good Behavior and Morals, Sustenance Opening Practice

The next sustenance opening practice is to maintain good behaviour and morals. Allah Almighty says in Surah Al-Qalam verse 4, “And verily thou art of great ethics.”

This verse refers to the noble morals possessed by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. We must emulate his character, full of compassion, honesty, and justice in daily life. By maintaining good behaviour and morals, we will gain sympathy and trust from others, which in turn opens up wider opportunities for sustenance.

Always Grateful and Say Alhamdulillah

Have you ever had an abundance of sustenance after being grateful? As it turns out, Allah will multiply the sustenance for His grateful servants. This is explained in His words in Surah Ibrahim verse 7, “And (remember also) when your Lord declared: Verily if ye are grateful, surely I will increase (favour) to you, and if you deny (My favour), then verily My doom is very grievous.”

This verse teaches us to be grateful for the sustenance we have received, both big and small. By being grateful, we show gratitude to Allah SWT, and in return, Allah will provide additional sustenance to us. Vice versa, if we disobey the sustenance that Allah has given, then Allah will reward it with grievous doom.

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In addition, the Prophet SAW also taught us to always say ‘Alhamdulillah’ every time we get sustenance from Allah SWT, both a little and a lot of sustenance. As the Holy Prophet SAW explained in the hadith narrated by al-Thabrani, “Whoever Allah puts for him pleasure should say Alhamdulillah a lot. Whoever has many sins should rest with Allah. And whoever is slow in coming to his sustenance should say la hawla wala quwwata illa billah (there is no power and strength except with the help of Allah) a lot.” (HR at-Thabrani)

Diligent Alms Does Not Reduce Wealth

Regular alms can be a practice to open sustenance. Allah (swt) says in Surah Saba verse 39, “Say: ‘Verily my Lord expands sustenance for whom He wills among His servants and narrows for (whom He wills).” And whatever you spend, Allah will replace it, and He is the best giver of sustenance.”

When giving alms (Ketika bersedekah,), it looks like our possessions are diminishing. However, God has assured, in His Word, to reimburse the wealth spent in God’s way many times. The wealth that is used for good, building Islamic civilization that rahmatan lil ‘alamin. From Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu ‘anhu, the Prophet shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “Alms do not reduce wealth.” (HR. Muslim, no. 2588).

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Alms as a sustenance opening practice (Sedekah sebagai amalan pembuka rezeki) that we can apply daily. Alms not only means giving some of our possessions to those in need but also involves being charitable and generous in all aspects of our lives. By giving alms regularly, we help ease the burdens of others and get blessings and the opening of sustenance from Allah SWT. The Holy Prophet SAW affirmed that alms will not reduce our wealth, but Allah SWT will replace it with better sustenance.

The practices mentioned above. Maintaining friendly relationships, improving the quality of worship, maintaining good behaviour and morals, working diligently and sincerely, being grateful for sustenance, and giving alms regularly, which have been given, are steps that we can take. Hopefully, by doing these practices, we can get abundant, blessed sustenance and help us achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter.

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