The Hope in the Middle of Palestinian-Israeli Armed Conflict, Dompet Dhuafa Distributes Food Package


GAZA, PALESTINE — The armed conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is heating up again. On Thursday (05/11/2023), the Israeli army again launched airstrikes on civilian settlement bases in the Khan Younis area, Gaza, Palestine.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, 32 casualties and 170 civilians were wounded. Among the fatalities were 7 children (four girls, three boys). The United Nations Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) stated that this attack contributed to worsening conditions for residents in Gaza, especially for children and women.

Since the increase in armed escalation on Tuesday (05/09/2023), the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza recorded at least 560 residential building units severely damaged. Among them, 28 were flattened and 37 were badly damaged and could no longer be lived. Meanwhile, a report from Dompet Dhuafa’s partners also stated that damage included civilian buildings, agricultural land, and other vital infrastructure.

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“On behalf of the Dompet Dhuafa Disaster Management Center (DMC), we are sorry for what happened to our friends in Palestine. Dompet Dhuafa will continue to make maximum efforts to help Palestinians with all existing programs,” said Arif Rahmadi Haryono as Chief Executive Officer of DMC Dompet Dhuafa.

According to United Nations (UN) records, as many as 5,590 Palestinians were killed from 2008-2020 due to this conflict. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the loss of civilian lives during Israeli airstrikes on Palestinians.

He added that the deaths of children and women were “unacceptable and must stop immediately.”

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“Israel must abide by international humanitarian law, including the proportionate use of force and take all reasonable precautions to save civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of military operations.” He added.

He urged all parties to the protracted conflict to “exercise maximum restraint” and seek an immediate peaceful end to the war. The UN reaffirmed its commitment to support Palestine and Israel in resolving the conflict based on UN resolutions, international law, and bilateral agreements.



Although conditions in Palestine are now tricky, a glimmer of hope came from Good Friends in Indonesia. Dompet Dhuafa, through the DMC organ, distributed 180 food packages for residents affected by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on Thursday (05/11/2023). The distribution points include Shiffa Hospital (Gaza City), refugees in the Southern Gaza Strip (Khan Yunis City), and refugees in the Northern Gaza Strip (Beit Lahia City).

Palestinian Welfare House (PWH) is a collaboration partner of Dompet Dhuafa who also helps distribute aid from Good Friends in Indonesia. Passing through the rubble and fearing further attacks, they drove to deliver the mandate of help from Indonesian friends.

“Alhamdulillah we distribute aid from Dompet Dhuafa to the Palestinian people, please note that Dompet Dhuafa is the first organization to help Palestine in this difficult time. Jazakillah khair” explained Jomah M. Alnajjar as Chairman of Palestinian Welfare House via text message.

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Dompet Dhuafa will continue to provide news regarding the latest conditions in Palestine and help people affected by the conflict to quickly get through difficult times and get back on their feet facing the future.

Good friends, Palestinians need your helping hand. Let’s join Dompet Dhuafa to close ranks and strengthen solidarity for Palestinians. It’s Time for the World to Be Empowered to Face Disasters. (Dompet Dhuafa/DMC)