The renovation of Indah’s house has been completed and is ready for habitation, the result of Dompet Dhuafa’s collaboration with various parties


JAKARTA — The construction of a house renovation for Indah Lestari (28), a survivor of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (Tb RO), on Jalan Senen Dalam IV, Gang Buaya, Senen, has been completed. On Tuesday (9/5/2023), the house named Rumah Harapan was inaugurated by the Mayor of Central Jakarta Administration, Dhany Sukma.

Also present at this inauguration ceremony were Yeni Purnamasari as GM of Health Dompet Dhuafa, Daniel Ramli as Director of Lazis Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Nancy Anggraini as Asdep of the Coordinating Ministry of PMK, Doti Windajani as Chairman of IAI Jakarta, and several other parties involved in this program.

Yeni mentioned that Dompet Dhuafa has been focusing on helping TB patients for a while now. They recently inaugurated Rumah Harapan to address the issue of poor air quality in Indah’s densely populated residential area. The aim was to create well-maintained, secure, healthy, and comfortable living spaces.

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Yeni Purnamasari as GM Health Dompet Dhuafa.
Central Jakarta Administrative Mayor Dhany Sukma delivered his speech.

“Apart from the health side, we also hope to improve the quality of life in terms of economic empowerment of TB patients. Discussions with various parties that indeed we have hope from Rumah Harapan, which is to break the chain of poverty,” he added.

On Thursday (23/3/2023), at the Senen Village Office, Central Jakarta, all parties gathered to plan redevelopment and symbolically hand over aid to Indah as a beneficiary. The IAI team has started designing the Indah house since the end of November 2022. The challenge is quite challenging.

Previously, the 3×3 meters building attached to neighbouring walls on each side and corner did not have good air circulation. Sadly, the 2-story building is inhabited by nine family members. The IAI Team has transformed the building into a 3-story house with five rooms, one kitchen room, and one bathroom room.

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Doti Windajani as Chairman of IAI Jakarta explained about the condition of Rumah Harapan after it was restored.
Handover of house keys to Indah Lestari.

For the success of this program, Dhany Sukma gave high appreciation to all parties involved. He also hopes that later collaboration programs like this can continue to be developed and improved on a broader scale. He dreams of one day collaborating with parties with a home renovation program to unite in one area.

“We want to develop this collaboration that has been realised for a wider scale in Central Jakarta,” he said.

In the same place, Chairman of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) Jakarta Doti Windajani emphasized that Rumah Harapan was established to improve the world’s quality and the environment. He continued the construction of Rumah Harapan, prioritizing regulating air conditioning, lighting, and sanitation to be worthy of being called a healthy house.

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Handover of kitchen utensils from Dompet Dhuafa donors to Indah Lestari.
The location of the house is in a narrow alley RT 15/RW 04, Kelurahan Senen.

“So, this is part of the profession’s contribution to society through synergy with local governments, central governments, and communities to improve the community’s quality of life, especially in health issues. We are ready to support government programs for the community,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the owner of Rumah Harapan, Indah Lestari, admitted that she was pleased and grateful because her house had been dissected. “Thank you to the donors who have been kind enough to help me,” he said in front of all stakeholders.

In addition to building houses, Dompet Dhuafa also provides kitchen utensils for Indah and the family’s daily life.  (Dompet Dhuafa/Muthohar)