The Story of Dai Ambassador 2024: Finding Islam as the Wind of Heaven in Sakura Earth

Dai Ambassador Jepang

TOKYO, JAPAN — The international da’wah journey of the Dompet Dhuafa 2024 Dai Ambassadors began when they were flown from Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta on 7 March 2024 at 21:25 WIB. There are 16 countries that are the destination of the preaching of the dai, one of which is Japan. Ustaz Ahmad Muqorobin, Dai Ambassador of the Japan assignment shared his experience with Dompet Dhuafa when he first arrived in the Land of Sakura.

Ustaz Ahmad travelled from Jakarta to the city of Tokyo Japan in 7.5 hours by using a Japanese Airlines plane. In 2024, there were 3 preachers and 1 daiyah who were sent to preach in Japan. They are Dr Cecep Sobar Rochmad, Dr Cutra Sari, Dr Lukman Samarna and Ahmad Muqorobin, PhD.

This Ramadan dakwah safari is a routine activity of Dompet Dhuafa in the last 10 years since the Corps Da’i Dompet Dhuafa (Cordofa) was established. In addition to the Ramadan preaching safari, the Dai Ambassadors will also broadcast zakat, infaq, sadaqah, and waqf (Ziswaf), as well as provide understanding to the international community regarding Dompet Dhuafa’s philanthropic activities during Ramadan 1445 H which raises the theme Ramadan Closer.

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In Ramadan Closer there are various programmes, including Unite Solidarity to Help Palestine, Strengthen Da’wah in Sakura Country, THR for Family Fighters and others. Prior to their departure, the preachers and daiyahs had undergone a seven-day training in Sentul, Bogor. The training was conducted by Cordofa team, namely Ustaz Totok, Ustaz Rahmat, Mbak Ummay, and Mbak Olis.

At 6:25am Japan time, the Dai Ambassadors landed at Narita Airport, Japan. As soon as they stepped out of the aircraft, a cold chill began to set in. Japan, specifically Tokyo, was snowing, which was estimated to be the last snow before the arrival of spring. Alhamdulillah, the immigration process was easy and smooth.

The Dai Ambassadors rushed out of the airport, which was then warmly welcomed by the Director of Dompet Dhuafa Japan, Ustaz Achmad Firman Wahyudi, PhD Candidate at The University of Tokyo, and Yosi, a nurse who has lived in Japan for approximately 11 years. For the preachers, the welcome felt very good and friendly, even though they were meeting for the first time.

Dompet Dhuafa Japan’s Dai Ambassadors visited the Camii Mosque, the largest mosque in Japan.

From Narita Airport, the preachers continued their journey to the centre of Tokyo. On the way, they could see snow falling from the window of the car that picked them up at the airport. This snowfall phenomenon was a first for some of the preachers. Before heading to the Dai Ambassadors’ base camp at Ainul Yaqeen Foundation in Adachi City, they first visited the Camii Mosque.

The Camii Mosque is the largest mosque in Japan. It is strategically located in the centre of the city. Built with donations from Turkey, the Camii Mosque is visited by many Muslim communities from various countries, including non-Muslim Japanese who want to know and learn about Islamic culture. During the preachers’ visit to the Camii Mosque, Alhamdulillah, Allah brought them together with Yetti Dalimi, a Japanese citizen who is a prominent figure in Tokyo and is married to a Japanese. Yetti is the principal of YUAI International Islamic School.

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While going around to see the splendour and beauty of the Camii Mosque, the preachers also captured the moment there by taking pictures. The fresh air blows lightly with a little sunshine that warms the body, as if this is the wind of heaven in Sakura Earth. The scorching sun did not make it hot, but instead made the daytime air in Japan feel refreshing. This makes the preachers amazed, because the situation is very different from in Indonesia, which is hot, because it is part of the tropics.

In addition, the condition of Tokyo City in Japan is also very clean, neat, and orderly. The layout of the city is neatly organised. As if the Prophet’s sunnah ‘cleanliness is part of faith’ was applied there. The character of Japanese society is also very disciplined. They are all very orderly following the rules set by the Japanese Government. This behaviour of the Japanese people already reflects Islamic values. However, their hearts are still empty, even the majority of the Japanese population does not believe in the existence of God.

With such conditions, the existence of mosques and the growing Muslim community in Japan feels like the wind of heaven. This wind blows throughout Japan to spread Islam. If Islam develops in Japan, then Japan is a miniature of Islamic life that has implemented Islamic values in its daily life.

Great expectations also arise from the Dai Ambassadors assigned to Japan. They hope to be able to help the development of Islam there. Hopefully, they can carry out da’wah activities not only in the month of Ramadan, but throughout the year, so that Muslim brothers and sisters in Japan can continue to get guidance and enlightenment from the preachers. Wallahu’alam.

Monday, 11 March 2024
Ahmad Muqorobin, Dompet Dhuafa’s Dai Ambassador