Try the Silent Room at Jakhumfest 2023, Visitors Stunned: ‘Speechless’

JAKARTA – Mauludiah, a 24-year-old woman from Bogor looked confused to the point of stunned when she stared at the screen at the Silent Room booth present at the Jakarta Humanity Festival (Jakhumfest) 2023, Pos Bloc, Jakarta on Sunday (29/1/2023).

Although her face only looked half because a mask covered it, the confused expression of the woman who was familiarly called Diah could not be concealed. She admitted that her heart was lost when he tried the social experiment. Starting from trial and error out of curiosity, the Silent Room was able to move Diah’s heart to care about deaf friends.

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“At first, I was curious to try. I want to know, how do our brothers and sisters feel who can’t hear like us? It turned out to be wow.. speechless, wordless but heartfelt,” Diah said, stroking her chest.

Diah while in the Jakhumfest 2023 Silent Room.

After trying out the Silent Room, Diah admitted that she felt more grateful because she had a perfect sense of condition. In fact, she was also moved to be able to help deaf friends through the donation of hearing aids.

“So be more grateful and indeed, if you can and have more sustenance, you want to help or donate to help deaf friends recover or to buy hearing aids,” she concluded.

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Diah while trying out the Silent Room at Jakhumfest 2023.

In addition to Diah, many visitors to Jakhumfest 2023 are curious about the Silent Room, they are willing to line up to feel our deaf friend.

The Jakhumfest 2023 event itself is made in such a way as to be disability-friendly, one of which is by presenting sign language interpreters in each event session, supported by That way, people with disabilities, especially deaf friends, can get insights and wisdom from the Jakhumfest 2023 event.

Visitors line up to try out social experiments at Jakhumfest Silent Room 2023.

The presence of this Silent Room is also in line with the Jakhumfest 2023 event which wants to invite all levels of society to be more concerned and pay attention to the social field of humanity.

“The presence of the Silent Room at Jakhumfest 2023 is expected to steal the attention of visitors so that they want to feel what is felt by friends with hearing limitations or disabilities,” explained Fadhil, one of the Dompet Dhuafa team. (Dompet Dhuafa/Ronna)