Welcoming Ramadan 1445 H, Mosque Clean-Up Action Realizes a Comfortable Feeling of Worship

Aksi Bersih-Bersih Masjid

BEKASI, WEST JAVA – In order to welcome the holy month of Ramadan 1445 H, Dompet Dhuafa through the Community Service Institute (LPM) again held a Mosque Clean-Up action in several locations. This agenda is carried out regularly every year by collaborating with local residents. The LPM team targeted several points in Jabodetabek, one of which was carried out at the Al-Akhyar Mosque, Jakasampurna, West Bekasi, Bekasi on Saturday (2/3/2024).

Located close to Kranji Bekasi Market, Al-Akhyar Mosque needs extra care. According to the Head of the Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) Iswadi (43), this mosque is a resting place for traders after selling. Apart from traders, buyers also visit to rest and pray in congregation.

Al-Akhsyar Mosque is located near Kranji Market, Bekasi, West Java.
Members of Al-Akhsyar Mosque Youth clean the outside of the mosque on Saturday (2/3/2024).

Iswadi thanked the LPM Dompet Dhuafa team for inviting local residents to work together to clean the mosque. He said, Al-Akhyar Mosque is a mosque that has many congregations with various activities. So it needs to create a sense of comfort for its congregation.

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“There are many worshippers from traders and market buyers. Then activities such as majelis taklim for mosque youth and recitation. Especially when welcoming the month of Ramadan, it will be even more crowded,” Iswadi said.

One of the members of Al-Akhyar Mosque Youth painting the outer wall of the mosque.
One of the members of Al-Akhsyar Mosque Youth cleaning the ablution place on Saturday (2/3/2024).
One of the locals helped clean the inside of the mosque.

Maulana (23) as a representative of the Mosque Youth confirmed this. He and his friends quite often do activities at the mosque. Maulana said he was happy when he learned that Dompet Dhuafa would hold a Mosque Clean-Up agenda at Al-Akhyar Kranji Mosque.

“Incidentally, my friends and I are preparing for the Isra’ Miraj event as well as the month of Ramadan. When I gathered my friends for the Clean Mosque agenda, they welcomed me and were excited,” Maulana explained.

The areas of the mosque that were cleaned included the outside and inside of the mosque, the bathroom, the ablution area, and also painting the walls of the mosque. Approximately 15 residents were involved in this mosque cleanup.

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Signage of ‘Place of Ablution’ at Al-Akhsyar Mosque, West Bekasi, Bekasi, West Java.

Fakhri, a representative of LPM who is also the PIC of the Mosque Clean-Up action, explained that this program is carried out before the month of Ramadan arrives. The goal is to prepare a clean mosque so that the congregation can worship comfortably.

Previously, LPM had also held the Clean Mosque program in five locations, namely Nurull Hikmah Mosque in West Jakarta, An-Nur Mosque in Bogor, Mambaul Karomah Mosque in Tangerang, and finally in Al-Hikmah Mosque in South Jakarta.

One of the members of the mosque’s youth praying after the Bersih-Bersih Masjid action.
Residents, teenagers, and representatives of the Al-Akhsyar Mosque DKM and LPM Dompet Dhuafa Team take a group photo after the Mosque Clean-Up agenda.

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“It has been conducted in Tangerang, Bogor and Jakarta. There are five points. Especially in preparation for Ramadan, (LPM) invites the community to work together to clean their mosques,” Fakhri concluded.

In addition to LPM Dompet Dhuafa, the Disaster Management Center (DMC) Team also held a Mosque Clean-Up agenda. (Dompet Dhuafa)

Text and Photo: Hany Fatihah Ahmad
Editor: Dhika Prabowo