Aid for Palestine, How Does Dompet Dhuafa Distribute It?

bantuan pangan untuk Palestina

The Rafah border in Egypt serves as the sole entry point into Gaza and is the only gateway for humanitarian aid from around the world to reach the Palestinian people. Unfortunately, this crucial entry point is controlled by Israel, which severely restricts what can enter Gaza, including humanitarian aid. So, how does Dompet Dhuafa manage to deliver donations and aid to Palestine?

How Aid Reaches Palestine?

As of Friday (10/11/2023), the Gaza Strip in Palestine has been bombarded by Israeli forces for 33 days, resulting in tens of thousands of martyrs. Millions worldwide have witnessed Israel’s atrocities through social media. Along with street protests demanding a ceasefire, many have donated to meet the urgent basic needs of the people in Palestine. However, humanitarian aid often gets stalled at Rafah. The Israeli military does not allow the aid to enter Gaza, claiming fears of infiltration by Hamas fighters.

Dompet Dhuafa menyalurkan bantuan untuk Palestina
Local Mitra Dompet Dhuafa distributes food packages to refugees in Jabalya and Tofah displacement camps, Gaza

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Despite these challenges, thanks to Allah’s permission, aid from the Indonesian people channeled through Dompet Dhuafa has reached the Palestinian people in the Jabalya and Tofah refugee camps. The successful delivery of aid is due to Dompet Dhuafa’s network with local partners. Here’s how Dompet Dhuafa channels aid to Palestine:

  1. Through the Indonesian Government

Dompet Dhuafa sends aid via humanitarian missions with the Indonesian Government. On November 4, 2023, Dompet Dhuafa sent 1 ton of winter packages, including blankets and sleeping mats, which reached the Rafah Border in Egypt and are awaiting permission to enter Gaza.

Bantuan kemanusiaan Dompet Dhuafa resmi berangkat

Bantuan kemanusiaan Dompet Dhuafa resmi berangkat

  1. Through Local Partners in Gaza

Since the violence in Gaza started on October 7, 2023, Dompet Dhuafa has been providing humanitarian aid. Through local partners in Palestine, such as the al Fursa Palestine Emergency Association (PFEA), Palestine Welfare House (PWH), and others based in Gaza and Turkey, Dompet Dhuafa has distributed basic necessities, medications, medical equipment, ambulance services, and fuel to hospitals in Gaza.

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The assistance that has been distributed includes basic needs (food), patient evacuation, and aid for victims. There is also assistance in the form of medicines, medical equipment, consumables, ambulance services, and fuel, which are distributed to Kamal Adwan Hospital, Indonesia Hospital, Al Awda Hospital, and Al Shifa Hospital.

bantuan untuk Palestina
Local partner Dompet Dhuafa distributes aid to the people of Palestine
  1. Through the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance

Dompet Dhuafa, along with the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA) and other humanitarian organizations, has sent 10 truckloads of aid and plans to establish a humanitarian post at the Rafah Border between Gaza and Egypt.

Urgent Needs

After 33 days of relentless bombardment, the Palestinian people have lost almost all their public facilities. According to Dompet Dhuafa’s Disaster Management Center (DMC), numerous health, educational, religious, water, and sanitation facilities, as well as ambulances, have been damaged or destroyed. The immediate needs of the Palestinian people are categorized into food items, health items, and wash items.

Sikap Dompet Dhuafa atas konflik Israel Palestina
The current situation in Gaza, Palestine

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Currently, the urgent needs required by the Palestinian community are divided into three categories: food items, health items, and wash items.

  1. Food items: daily food, food supplies, communal kitchen.
  2. Health items: medicines and health equipment, alternative fuel and electricity (solar panels), as well as ambulances.
  3. Wash items: clean water, sanitation and worship facilities for women.

Plans for Further Aid Distribution

In addition to wartime aid, Dompet Dhuafa plans to provide recovery aid once Gaza stabilizes. This includes ambulances, medical equipment, and support for hospital services, especially emergency rooms and operating theatres.

Dompet Dhuafa encourages continued solidarity for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Support and advocacy for Palestine are invaluable to those suffering there. You can still support through Dompet Dhuafa by clicking the link below.