Delli Rosa Sabet Medali Perunggu di Olimpiade PAI Nasional

Siswa GenZAKAT Sabet Medali Perunggu

PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATRA — A benefit recipient of Beasiswa GenZAKAT Dompet Dhuafa (the GenZAKAT Dompet Dhuafa Scholarship) in South Sumatra, Delli Rosa Syahputri, succeeded in winning a bronze medal in Olimpiade Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) or the Islamic Education National Olympics. The PAI Olympics was organized by the Olympic Association League in June 2023 and involved participants from various high schools throughout Indonesia.

Delli Rosa Syahputri also expressed her joy. This brilliant achievement, for her, is the fruit of her hard work, dedication, and deep understanding in the field of religion.

“I feel very happy and honored to win the bronze medal and national level certificate in the PAI Olympics. This is the result of efforts in understanding Islam more deeply,” said Delli.

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When being asked about the reason for participating in the competition, Delli Rosa Syahputri answered, “I joined this competition to test my understanding and expand my knowledge about Islam. This is especially important, as I plan to continue my studies at Raden Fatah Islamic State University Palembang.”

Siswa GenZAKAT Sabet Medali Perunggu
Delli Rosa, a GenZAKAT Student who won a Bronze Medal at the National PAI Olympics.

She explained that information about this competition can be found through @info_olimpiade Instagram social media account. The competition mechanism is done through steps such as logging into the competition’s official website, filling in account information, choosing a competition field, and doing questions within 55 minutes in a conducive room. Delli Rosa Syahputri also emphasized the importance of honesty in implementing this mechanism.

Regarding trust about competition information on social media, Delli Rosa Syahputri explained, “I ensured the validity of competition information by checking the legality of the organizers and getting testimonials from people who had participated before.”

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Delli Rosa Syahputri also expressed her gratitude to Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra, especially to GenZAKAT mentor sisters of Dompet Dhuafa South Sumatra who have supported her character development and other fellow benefit recipients.

“The knowledge provided by the mentors was valuable and it helped me achieve this achievement. I hope my achievement can motivate the younger generation to keep trying and not to give up in dealing with challenges,” she said.

Delli Rosa Syahputri’s achievement is not only personal pride, but also an inspiration for many young generations to reach sky-high achievements with determination and hard work. (Dompet Dhuafa/South Sumatra)