Dompet Dhuafa and Paragon’s Synergy to Drive Kindness in 100 Mosques

Dompet Dhuafa dan Paragon Jadi #PenggerakKebaikan

TANGERANG — The month of Ramadan encourages Muslims to be better in their social activities and care for others. In this month, every Muslim is moved and mobilised to bring kindness to their brothers and sisters in need. The spirit of sharing happiness is gradually strengthened by the presence of this blessed month.

Experiencing firsthand the many benefits of kindness in the month of Ramadan, there is no reason for Dompet Dhuafa and Paragon Corp not to take part in it. The synergy between the two is wrapped in the #PenggerakKebaikan action with a series of agendas during the month of Ramadan 1445 H/2024 M. The #PenggerakKebaikan action is carried out as an effort to inspire and mobilise the community to share kindness to the surrounding environment.

The joy of younger siblings with Dompet Dhuafa facilitators in the Love Al-Qur’an activity at Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque.
Siti Nur Arifah as Dompet Dhuafa MPZ Development Officer facilitated the Love Al-Qur’an activity at Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque.

Various activities rolled out by Dompet Dhuafa and Paragon include the distribution of hygiene kits to 100 mosques in Indonesia, out of a total of 3,900 mosques targeted by Paragon Corp. In addition, there are also Love Qur’an activities in 15 mosques, where the Love Qur’an activity is a series of events consisting of Storytelling of Prophet Stories, Reading Qur’an, Breaking the Fast Together, Distribution of THR for orphans, dhuafa, and marbot, distribution of Paragon products for mosques, and Eduposter to be installed in mosques.

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On Sunday (31/3/2024), Dompet Dhuafa and Paragon Corp were present to share kindness at the Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque, Tangerang. The synergy of #PenggerakKebaikan is contained in various actions, namely Islamic fairy tales to motivate children to love the Qur’an more, reading and writing the Qur’an for orphans / poor children, sharing THR for orphans / poor and marbot, hygiene kit package assistance for mosques, and closed with breaking the fast together.

The joy of younger siblings with Dompet Dhuafa facilitators in the Love Al-Qur’an activity at Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque.
Symbolic handover of hygine kit packages for Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque by Pradila Maulia (left) to Achmad Sulhan Syadeli (right).

On that occasion, the Dompet Dhuafa Team shared kindness and compensation with 30 orphans / dhuafa children. Social Partnership Dompet Dhuafa, Pradila Maulia, said that similar activities were also present in 14 other mosques. These mosques include Al-Ikhlas Ngeseng Mosque in Central Java, Ash-Shomad Mosque in Tangerang, At Taqwa Mosque in East Jakarta, Al Huda Mosque in Bekasi, Al Insan Mosque in South Jakarta, Annasul Haadi Mosque in Depok, Al Husna Korpr Mosque in Tangerang Regency, Nurul Huda Mosque in Tangerang Regency, Al Barkah Mosque in South Jakarta, Al-Falaah 3 Mosque in South Tangerang, Telaga Kahuripan Mosque in Bogor, At-Taubah Mosque in South Jakarta, and Istiqomah Mosque in South Jakarta.

‘The children were very enthusiastic in participating in the Love Al-Qur’an activity with cheerfulness and joy. We also distributed hygine kit packages to the mosque’s DKM. Hopefully, the congregation and the surrounding community will also be moved to do kindness to others,’ said Pradila.

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Distribution of compensation to orphans/dhuafa children and mosque caretakers.
The excitement of the children receiving their gifts.
Orphans and poor children as well as mosque caretakers and Dompet Dhuafa people in the Love Al-Qur’an activity at Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque.

The Chairman of the DKM of Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque, H. Achmad Sulhan Syadeli, realised the importance of joyful activities for children such as those carried out at the mosque that day. That way, children will be eager to come to enliven the mosque with joy. He said that the Al-Hidayah Modernland Mosque Foundation felt helped by the presence of Dompet Dhuafa and Paragon in implementing benefit programmes in the mosque and its surroundings.

‘This collaboration is very beneficial and beneficial for the community here. Of course, we hope to bring wider benefits to local residents. Among other things, hopefully in the future, the mosque can carry out religious education and Al-Qur’an programmes. This can be started with cheerful activities with children in the mosque such as those carried out by Dompet Dhuafa,’ concluded Achmad Sulhan.

One of the children who participated in the excitement of this Love Qur’an activity was Azka Arraziq. He admitted that he was happy and happy with the Dompet Dhuafa brothers and sisters who were present that day. The 1st grade junior high school student from Tangerang brought home a gift he got from Dompet Dhuafa. (Dompet Dhuafa)

Text and Photo: Riza Muthohar
Editor: Dhika Prabowo