Dompet Dhuafa Distributes Logistical Assistance for Flood Victims in Pati

PATI, CENTRAL JAVA – Dompet Dhuafa Cabang Jawa Tengah distributed logistics and basic food assistance to the people of Doropayung Village, Juwana, Pati, on Thursday (09/03/2023). Hundreds of food packages were distributed to relieve flood survivors who are still displaced because the water level has not yet receded.

Through the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) team of Dompet Dhuafa Central Java, assistance was handed over directly to village officers and volunteers on duty at the Doropayung village flood survivor evacuation post. With makeshift facilities, the community works together so the refuge continues operating.

The DMC Dompet Dhuafa team handed over logistical assistance to residents.

As previously reported, floods have submerged Doropayung Village since February 25, 2023 and have subsided just now. However, out of a total of 9 RTs that were all submerged by floods, there are now several RTs that have receded and returned to normal. The water level also varies from the lowest to approximately 50 cm high and the highest to 150 cm.

“Flooding since February 25, 2023, but I only reported to the local government on February 28. During the flood on the first day, when I had thought of a report to and fro, busy travelling around these 9 RTs, I evacuated the residents. But at least after the 28th when I reported the data was complete and valid. Because I am the one who travels to help the residents, from those who can be reached on foot to those who have to be taken by boat,” said Mr. Saleh Sekdes Doropayung who doubles as a local disaster response volunteer.

The Dompet Dhuafa team discussed with Sekdes Doropayung,

According to reports, 691 houses were flooded, comprising 766 households with 2,013 inhabitants. Meanwhile, the affected public facilities were recorded as 7 prayer rooms, 1 mosque unit, 1 monastery unit, 1 office unit, 1 school unit, 1 village hall unit, and a 6450-meter village road and a pond area of 11.4 ha with a total material loss of Rp150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty million rupiahs).

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“Alhamdulillah, although it has not fully recovered, some areas have receded from the floods and residents have returned to their respective residences. We hope that the assistance from Dompet Dhuafa Jateng donors that have been distributed can alleviate the suffering of the people affected by this flood. God willing, in the future, Dompet Dhuafa can be more optimal in responding to disasters, especially in the Central Java region,” said Zaini Tafrikhan as Head of Dompet Dhuafa Central Java Branch. (Dompet Dhuafa/Central Java)