Dompet Dhuafa-IHA Extends Aid to Palestinian Survivors in Cairo Hospitals

bantuan kemanusiaan dompet dhuafa untuk penyintas palestina

CAIRO, EGYPT — The ceasefire’s conclusion on Friday (1/12/2023) has led to renewed hostilities in Palestine, with Israel’s continuous assaults reaching the West Bank. The conflict has resulted in the paralysis of medical services and the shutdown of electricity and communication networks by Israel.

In response, the Dompet Dhuafa Humanitarian Team, in partnership with the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA), has evaluated several Egyptian hospitals, including the Cancer Hospital and Palestine Hospital in Cairo. Efforts are being coordinated with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) to care for Palestinian survivors able to leave Gaza for treatment. Patients from Gaza and Rafah are being accommodated in various facilities, such as El Arish, Institute Nashr, the Cancer Hospital, and Palestine Hospital in Cairo, as per gathered information.

Among the patients encountered by the Dompet Dhuafa Humanitarian Team was Samma, who had arrived from Gaza just the previous night, on Sunday (3/12/2023).

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“Everything that happened to me is still vivid in my memory. My left leg was wounded by mortar shrapnel, I suffered a gunshot wound to my waist, and my left hand fingers were injured. Alongside other survivors, I endeavored to escape and find safety,” Samma recounted.

bantuan kemanusiaan dompet dhuafa untuk penyintas palestina

At that time, Samma was assisted by Hakim Majidi, a nurse from the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, who facilitated her departure from the area.

The Palestine Hospital is also providing shelter for the companions or family members of patients who have fled Gaza. The hospital currently hosts approximately 18 survivors from Gaza. Dompet Dhuafa, together with IHA, has had the chance to deliver aid to all Palestinian survivors.

Dian Mulyadi, of the Dompet Dhuafa Humanitarian Team, remarked, “Today, the situation in Palestine is escalating once again. The conflict’s intensity is alarmingly high, leading to numerous casualties and deeply affecting our sense of humanity. Dompet Dhuafa aims to offer tangible support to the survivors, with a particular focus on patients.”

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Mai Aref, PhD, the PRCS Cairo Director, conveyed, “We are grateful to the Indonesian community, represented by the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliances, for their solidarity with the Palestinian people. Despite facing numerous challenges, we are committed to assisting all survivors who have managed to cross from Gaza into Rafah. We are also in collaboration with ERC, the official body designated by the Egyptian Government, to ensure these individuals are accommodated adequately.”

bantuan kemanusiaan dompet dhuafa untuk penyintas palestina

Dr. Muhammad, the Director of Palestine Hospital in Cairo, added, “Our hospital’s resources are incredibly limited, with many medical devices out of order, complicating patient care. With PRCS’s assistance, we are coordinating with other Cairo hospitals to address these challenges.”

Previously, Dompet Dhuafa and IHA dispatched 11 trucks filled with essentials such as bottled water, flour, milk, margarine, macaroni, rice, cheese, bean paste, and canned meat, along with medicines and winter necessities, totaling 176 tons of aid for the Palestinian people.

Moreover, Dompet Dhuafa is directly distributing 2,000 ready-to-eat food packages daily through DD Kitchen to Palestinians in South and North Gaza. (Dompet Dhuafa/DMulyadi)