Dompet Dhuafa’s ‘Water for Life’ Action Map

Dompet Dhuafa's Water for Life Program

JAKARTA — The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) report entitled “Drought in Numbers 2022” states that there are 55 million people worldwide who are directly affected by drought every year.

From 1970 to 2019, drought was one of the disasters that caused the greatest human losses with a total of about 650,000 deaths. Among these deaths, more than 90 percent occurred in developing countries.

It is estimated that by 2040, as many as 160 million children will be affected by severe and prolonged drought. One in four children will live in areas with extreme water shortages. Indonesia, meanwhile, is expected to experience high water supply shortages by 2040.

Indonesia itself falls into the upper middle category as a country with the highest level of drought risk, when compared to neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

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Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa
Residents get clean water from Dompet Dhuafa’s Water for Life Program.

On the one hand, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicts that the start of the rainy season will generally occur in November 2023. However, due to the high diversity of climate in Indonesia, the beginning of the rainy season does not occur simultaneously in all regions. Meanwhile, the peak period of the rainy season itself is predicted to generally occur in January and February 2024.

“The rainy season in 2023/2024 will generally arrive later than usual. Rainfall during the 2023/2024 rainy season is generally predicted to be normal compared to usual,” said BMKG Head Dwikorita Karnawati as quoted from the BMKG’s official website, Friday (8/9/2023).

“However, there are some areas that are predicted to experience higher or lower rainfall than usual,” she added.

The fact expressed by BMKG is not without reason, considering that the impact of the El Nino phenomenon has been felt since early June 2023 and is expected to peak in October 2023. The impact of El Nino is able to increase the potential for cloud growth in the Central Pacific Ocean and reduce rainfall in the Indonesian region.

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Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa
Residents get clean water from Dompet Dhuafa’s Water for Life Program.

 Water for Life Program

On this basis, Dompet Dhuafa’s Disaster Management Center (DMC) together with the Dompet Dhuafa branch office network intensified the Water for Life Program. This program is a water crisis disaster management program by distributing water to remote areas of Indonesia that are experiencing drought, piping water, and converting water.

With the tagline Watering the Country, Delivering Life, DMC Dompet Dhuafa intends to provide livelihood through water. Because the community has the right and obligation to have access and sources of clean water availability.


The impact of the drought in Banten has been felt by the community since July 2023 and continues to this day. In fact, rice fields have started to crack due to the prolonged drought.

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Based on BNPB’s risk assessment in 2021, the total area of drought hazard in Banten Province as a whole is 966,292 Ha and is in the high class. Pandeglang Regency has the widest drought hazard, which is 125,674 Ha.

Following the above report, Dompet Dhuafa Banten and DMC Dompet Dhuafa started distributing clean water on September 2, 2023 until the latest on September 18, 2023 with distribution covering Pandeglang Regency, Serang Regency, and Lebak Regency. This program has helped as many as 1,892 people.

Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa
Dompet Dhuafa’s DMC team distributes clean water to drought-affected areas.

Kapi, one of the beneficiaries from Kampung Kadupayung, Mekarsari Village, Bojong District, Pandeglang, expressed his gratitude for the clean water assistance from DMC Dompet Dhuafa. With this assistance, he does not have to worry if rain does not come in his area.

“Thank you very much for the assistance from Dompet Dhuafa Banten and DMC Dompet Dhuafa,” he said, Monday (9/18/2023).

This program is one of Dompet Dhuafa Banten’s concrete steps in helping people affected by the long dry season. Hopefully this effort can provide significant assistance to people in need in Pandeglang Regency, Banten.

“I hope that the Water for Life distribution program in Pandeglang can help overcome the clean water crisis that has long hit our community. May these concrete steps not only provide fresh water, but also give hope and ease in daily life to those in need. With further collaboration and assistance, we are committed to continue working hard so that this kindness can reach more families in the future,” said Mokhlas Pidono as Branch Manager of Dompet Dhuafa Banten via short message, Monday (9/18/2023).

Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa

Central Kalimantan

Based on the BNPB risk assessment in 2021, the total area of drought hazard in Central Kalimantan Province as a whole is 15,356,450 Ha and is in the high class. This fact is exacerbated by the forest and land fires (karhutla) that hit the Central Kalimantan region.

Therefore, Dompet Dhuafa Central Kalimantan and DMC Dompet Dhuafa also intensified fire fighting and clean water distribution. The distribution of blackout action was carried out in the peat areas of Katingan Regency and East Kotawaringin Regency from August 22, 2023 to September 17, 2023.

Meanwhile, water distribution covered the East Kotawaringin Regency area at various drought points in remote areas. Conducted from August 29, 2023 to September 07, 2023. The blessing of this distribution assistance was able to benefit 1,966 people.

“A speck of clean water can bring hope and change lives. We promise to continue to fight for humanity and ensure that clean water continues to flow in villages in need,” concluded Rizqi Tajuddin, Branch Manager of Dompet Dhuafa Central Kalimantan, Monday (4/9/2023).

Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa

Special Region of Yogyakarta

According to Dompet Dhuafa’s Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) branch, the Gunungkidul area is often hit by drought. Gunungkidul Regency is also included in the Gunung Sewu karst area, so it is synonymous with a dry environment where the soil conditions have many fractures.

However, the karst area has the potential for abundant groundwater sources. The groundwater is concentrated in passages or cracks that exist underground. One of the advantages of karst springs is that there is a long delay between rainfall and spring discharge, so some karst springs will have a large discharge during the dry season. Another source said that the reason the water crisis occurred in Gunungkidul is that the water sources are mostly underground rivers, where exploration is difficult and expensive.

In Sumur Hamlet, Giripurwo Village, Purwosari Subdistrict, residents usually draw water from a spring approximately one kilometer away with limited water discharge.

Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa

“For one full reservoir in Sumur Hamlet, residents usually use it only for one week. The water is usually used for daily needs and livestock. The majority of Sumur residents are farmers,” explained Zahron, Branch Manager of Dompet Dhuafa Yogya.

When drought hits or enters the dry season, residents will rely on clean water assistance from various parties.

“Thank you for the water assistance from Dompet Dhuafa to our residents. Hopefully it will be useful, blessed, and blessed,” said Widiyanti as a beneficiary from Sumur Hamlet, Giripurwo, Gunungkidul.

East Java

Reporting from the East Java Kominfo page, the results of a risk assessment conducted by BNPB stated that East Java has a high level of drought hazard. The reason is that drought in East Java in 2023 has the potential to occur in 27 districts / cities consisting of 1,617 hamlets, 844 villages / sub-districts and 221 sub-districts.

The estimated population affected by drought in East Java in 2023 is 1,6664,433 people/655,277 families. A total of 844 villages/sub-districts are divided into 500 critical dry, 253 rare dry and 91 limited rare dry.

Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa

The fact above then made Dompet Dhuafa East Java collaborate with DMC Dompet Dhuafa to distribute clean water to several remote points in East Java, precisely in Bojonegoro, Pasuruan, Mojokerto, and Pacitan.

Tini, one of the residents of Kunjorowesi Village, Ngoro District, Mojokerto Regency expressed her gratitude for the presence of this clean water. She feels greatly helped, because she no longer has to be confused and worried if there is a shortage of water in the near future.

“Of course, we are very grateful for this assistance and it is certainly very beneficial for our villagers,” he told DMC Dompet Dhuafa.

The distribution of clean water in East Java was carried out from August 23, 2023 to September 9, 2023 and has benefited 2,513 people.

“This is one of our steps to supply clean water to the people of Mojokerto (and other areas). Because helping others has become commonplace, even required in every religion on earth. Thus, the people of Mojokerto who need clean water assistance can be helped, the blessing of the flow of donations from donors entrusted to us, “said Kholid Abdillah as Branch Manager of Dompet Dhuafa East Java via text message.

Persebaran program air untuk kehidupan Dompet Dhuafa

Central Java

According to Antara, the Central Java BPBD stated that as of August 25, 2023, there were 3,320 families/11,027 people affected by drought.

Based on BNPB’s risk assessment in 2021, the total area of drought hazard in Central Java Province as a whole is 3,277,108 hectares and is in the high class. The regency with the highest area of drought hazard is Grobogan Regency.

With the above reason, Dompet Dhuafa Central Java together with DMC Dompet Dhuafa intensified the distribution of clean water to remote drought areas in Central Java in several districts, starting from Grobogan Regency, Boyolali, Blora, Pati, to Demak. The distribution was carried out from August 24, 2023 to September 9, 2023 and has benefited 2,516 people.

Minah, a resident of Bangsri Village, Geyer Subdistrict, Grobogan, said that the drought has hit her village for two months. The impact is that it is difficult to fulfill daily needs and it is also difficult to provide adequate water availability for their agricultural land.

“Thank you for your help. There has been no water here since two months ago. The well is dry, the river is also dry, there is no rain, and the water pipeline is still being built and has not been completed. So we here have to buy water for daily needs, right if it continues yo ndak kuat aku to Mas, “said Minah when helping to fill her jerry cans with clean water from Dompet Dhuafa, Saturday (9/9/2023).

Responding to this, Dompet Dhuafa Central Java Branch Manager, Zaini Tafrikhan expressed Dompet Dhuafa Central Java’s commitment and readiness to help people affected by drought.

“In these difficult times, of course, we must remain strong and strengthen each other, especially based on the latest report data, the drought is getting wider and the numbers continue to increase significantly. With this I would like to say that Dompet Dhuafa Central Java is ready to continue to accompany the affected communities. Hopefully this drought disaster will not spread further, and the community will immediately get easy access to clean water,” he said.

The public can see the distribution via Google Maps at this link. Hopefully this is a good endeavor that will continue to be realized with Kawan Baik and kind donors. Water for Life: Irrigating the Country, Delivering Life. (Dompet Dhuafa/DMC/AFP)