Dompet Dhuafa Distributes Clean Water to Bogor and Sukabumi Residents

Dompet Dhuafa distributes clean water to Bogor and Sukabumi

WEST JAVA — The drought that has hit the West Java region is widespread. Jakarta’s satellite cities, such as Bogor and Sukabumi, are part of the areas affected by this disaster. Until Friday (15/9/2023), Dompet Dhuafa has distributed clean water to affected areas, including Cisarua Village and Balekambang Village with a total of 24,000 liters of clean water.

“Yesterday (14/9/2023), Dompet Dhuafa distributed 16,000 liters covering Cisarua Village, with coverage of Cisadaria, Depok, Kubang, Cibodas and Babakan Villages with a total of 1,249 beneficiaries,” said Adinda Suryahadi as the person in charge of Dompet Dhuafa’s Clean Water Distribution.

In the Bogor area, on Friday (8/9/2023), Dompet Dhuafa has also distributed 80,000 liters of clean water to 10 coverage points in Cibungbulang District, Bogor Regency.

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dompet dhuafa distribusi air bersih ke Sukabumi
Clean water distribution in Sukabumi.

 “Alhamdulillah … thank you to the donors who have encouraged this activity, so that within a week Dompet Dhuafa can distribute clean water with coverage from Bogor to Sukabumi. The impact of drought that has hit most parts of Indonesia, creates an impact on society, especially health, “said Ustaz Herman Budianto as GM Environment and Culture Dompet Dhuafa who directly participated in distributing water, Friday (8/9/2023).

The Head of RT Bojong Neros Village, Ahmad Alpian, explained that the water crisis in his village has been going on for almost two months. According to him, this was caused by the dry season. He also mentioned that the water in the residents’ wells is very little, only enough for one to two buckets.

“For about two months now, what the residents are experiencing is drought. Even if the residents have wells, they can only get one or two buckets. Our capacity is not covered. But, thank God there is Dompet Dhuafa. Especially what we are running today, it is very extraordinary and useful, especially for us recipients,” he explained.

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musim kemarau, Dompet Dhuafa Distribusikan 10 Tangki Air Bersih

During this drought, many people’s daily activities are hampered, such as washing clothes. As a result, people flocked to the Cianten River, which is 3-4 km from their homes. Not only that, they even hire public transportation to get there.

“If there is no (water), we go to the Cianten River. Every two days we go to the Cianten River to wash clothes, together with the whole village. There are usually two cars, during this drought season,” added Alpian.

In addition, Nyai Nuryanah (63), an elderly woman who lives alone in Bojong Neros Village also expressed her gratitude for the clean water assistance she received. She was very happy to receive clean water. The reason is that her elderly condition makes it difficult for her to get clean water.

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dompet dhuafa distribusi air bersih ke Sukabumi

“Water is scarce here, so we go to the shower near the river. Now that the house has been built, the shower is gone. Since my mother has high blood pressure, she can’t get water, so it’s makeshift. Then yesterday my leg hurt. For bathing, that’s enough (pointing to a small gallon), one bucket of paint for three times, you don’t need much. If from the well for abdas (ablution), but now it comes out small, it can also be sucked up just a bucket, “explained Nyai. (Dompet Dhuafa/PR/Muthohar)