ETOS ID and BAKTI NUSA, Two Dompet Dhuafa Scholarships for College Students


The ETOS ID and BAKTI NUSA scholarships are Dompet Dhuafa’s efforts to answer the problem of education access in this country, especially for marginalized and duafa societies. Quality education is indeed already present in Indonesia, but unfortunately not all citizens can access it, because there is still an economic gap in this country.

Therefore, Dompet Dhuafa as an Islamic philanthropic institution strives to provide quality education and it can be accessed by all Indonesians without exception. With the courage of empowerment, Dompet Dhuafa also presents ETOS ID and BAKTI NUSA scholarships to create a prosperous society.


ETOS ID Scholarship

The ETOS ID Scholarship first came in 2003 under the name of Best of The Best (BoB) Scholarship. A year later, the BoB Scholarship was renamed and transformed into Beastudi Etos. Then, in 2019, Beastudi Etos again transformed into the ETOS ID Scholarship. Since 2003-2023, the total benefits recipients of the ETOS ID Scholarship have reached more than 2500 students from 24 leading universities in Indonesia.

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The ETOS ID scholarship is carried out using two main methods, namely Improvement and Development of a student’s capacity and self-integrity. These two values are what underlies the name change of the Etos Scholarship to the ETOS ID Scholarship.

Not only facilitating education funding, ETOS ID also conducts intensive coaching for students with the aim of forming strategic human resources at the regional level. It is hoped that ETOS ID alumni will become individuals with integrity, professionalism, being transformative, and they are able to drive regional development for the creation of an empowered Indonesia. Here are the full facilities of the ETOS ID Scholarship.

ETOS ID Scholarship Facilities

  • Tuition fee allowance (UKT) for  8 semesters, starting from semester 1
  • Tuition assistance of Rp 600,000/month for 8 semesters, starting from semester 1
  • Improving foreign language skills (English)
  • Mentor assistance (academic and organizational)
  • Self-development training
  • Post-campus preparation (career)
  • National Etoser Gathering
  • Opportunities to be involved in society empowerment activities

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Lutfi, an IPB student, one of the recipients of the ETOS ID Dompet Dhuafa scholarship.

The main requirement of the Dompet Dhuafa scholarship program is to have good academic performance, but coming from a family with economic limitations. Why is that? Because ETOS ID is an effort to break the chain of poverty. That way, it is hoped that ETOS ID alumni will be able to become successful individuals, namely competent individuals, professional, with integrity, with competitiveness, and have contributions in society, so that they can change the status of the family that was previously mustahik to muzaki.

ETOS ID Scholarship Requirements

  • College Students (SNMPTN) or student candidates (SBMPTN / UTBK)
  • A Muslim (Muslim/Muslimah)
  • Having academic and organizational achievements
  • Committed to join the ETOS ID program for 8 semesters
  • Getting parental consent
  • Coming from an underprivileged family
  •  Applicant candidates are college students or student candidates at ETOS ID partner universities

BAKTI NUSA Scholarship

Different from the ETOS ID Scholarship which is given during 8 semesters of lectures, the BAKTI NUSA Scholarship is only given to fourth-year students whose track record has been seen as a student activist. In this track record, it has been clearly seen that he/she has potential for leadership in themselves, so that later through the BAKTI NUSA Scholarship, this potential can be developed in the future.

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In line with that, the benefit recipients of the BAKTI NUSA Scholarship are also challenged to expand their leadership inspiration through an idea. To facilitate this, Dompet Dhuafa will also produce their ideas by publishing books and spreading them through social media.

To support the emergence of this leadership idea, the benefit recipients of the BAKTI NUSA Scholarship will also get a set of coaching in accordance with the leadership curriculum that has been formulated. In addition, each activist is also given a task of initiating and managing a social project that benefits the society.

During 2011-2022, the total of direct benefit recipients of the BAKTI NUSA scholarship were 590 activists. There were also indirect benefit recipients of this scholarship, namely those who were exposed to the social projects of BAKTI NUSA activists as many as 18,000 people, as well as foster brothers and sisters managed by activists as many as 781 people.

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BAKTI NUSA Scholarship Facilities

  • Activity fund support of IDR 800,000/month for six months;
  • Leadership project funding support of up to IDR 6,000,000 for a year;
  • Getting a leadership growth program of +/- Rp24,000,000 including programs of Activist Coaching, Official Test (TOEFL & IELTS), Team Building, Leadership Project Incubation, Executive Mentoring and Post-Campus Career Assistance;
  • National and international networks;
  • Pitching opportunities with professional mentors;
  • Leadership development facility for 1 year;
  • National leadership training;
  • Certificate of leadership;
  • Appreciation of leadership and joint book publishing

Persyaratan Beasiswa BAKTI NUSA Scholarship Requirements

  • 7th semester Muslim students with a minimum GPA of 3.00;
  • Mastering international languages;
  • Currently not receiving similar scholarships (leadership scholarships);
  • Is an administrator of a campus/community organization;
  • Having social project ideas that are useful for the society or that have been running;
  • Getting recommendations from academic figures;
  • Originally from BAKTI NUSA partner universities