Full of Laughter, SUCI X Comic Shakes JAKHUMFEST Talks About Local Heroes

Jakarta – At the Jakhumfest 2023 event at Pos Bloc, Pasar Baru, Jakarta, Sunday (29/1/2023), Dompet Dhuafa carried the theme of Local Heroes at the humanitarian photo exhibition. Dompet Dhuafa photojournalists intend to display someone’s heroic figures.

In addition, at Jakhumfest this time, Dompet Dhuafa presents comics to enliven and shake visitors with full laughter. These comics come from Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) X participants. They are Irfan, Kukuh, Budi, and Dwik.

Sharing laughter on the Jakhumfest 2023 stage, the four comics explained Local Heroes according to their respective perspectives. Dompet Dhuafa summarizes their opinions about Local Heroes as follows.

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As the comic who made his first appearance, Kukuh Budi, thanks to his total performance, managed to break the atmosphere; laughter roared at Jakhumfest 2023. He brought up the topic of Local Heroes to increase awareness while inviting visitors to help each other.

“The topic is more about being aware that young people can express themselves as much as possible for various things, one of which is to be aware of what kind of others, so that we can help each other,” said Kukuh.

He also appreciated the Local Heroes who continue to make such an impact in the community.

“Local heroes are not visible; these persons don’t help a lot, don’t have the impact; local heroes need to be appreciated. It takes a lot. Maybe local heroes will grow in the future,” kukuh concluded.

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Unlike Kukuh, Irfan, a comic artist of SUCI X, explained about Local Heroes when he became a flood victim. As Kukuh did, Irfan also managed to make the audience laugh.

“It’s fascinating that there are four comics, all of which bring local heroes material with their respective perspectives. I had experiences about being a flood victim, and others were also fascinating earlier,” said Irfan.

According to Irfan, Jakhumfest 2023 is a significant movement packaged beautifully but still focuses on community empowerment. In the performance of these four comics, they are accompanied by a Sign Language Interpreter so that friends with disabilities can still enjoy their performances.

“Hopefully, there will be more local heroes struggling in the realm of their respective who can achieve their goals. And hopefully, this event and the same event out there can find people with the same intentions to meet and be more involved,” Irfan said.