‘Healthy Endowments for All’ Help Kusmini Get Free Maternity Services

Kisah penerima manfaat Program Wakaf Sehat Untuk Semua

LAMPUNG — The heartbreaking but struggling story of a mother’s struggle came from one of the beneficiaries of the health services of the Dompet Dhuafa waqf hospital, namely, AKA Sribawono Hospital, Lampung. AKA Sribawono Hospital is a waqf-based hospital that is present to serve duafa patients with the same services as general patients. Equality is a value carried in the work culture of AKA Sribawono Hospital as a waqf-based hospital dedicated to the people.

Kusmini gets a Free Childbirth Fee.

On Wednesday (12/7/2023), just before the sun was right overhead, the Dompet Dhuafa Team arrived at AKA Sribawono Hospital and met with Kusmini, one of the beneficiaries of health services in the form of childbirth at AKA Sribawono Hospital. The 37-year-old mother is a resident of Lampung who is very grateful for the presence of the waqf-based hospital. For him, AKA Sribawono Hospital is a form of friendly health service that has saved herself and her fetus.

Kusmini came with a cheerful heart with her two children. The mother of four began to talk about her experience from pregnancy to giving birth to her fourth child, Arrayan Dylan Al-Farisi, on December 29, 2022, weighing 3.4 kg and 50 cm long at AKA Sribawono Hospital.

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Kisah penerima manfaat Program Wakaf Sehat Untuk Semua
Kusmini, a beneficiary of Healthy Waqf for All at AKA Sribawono Hospital.

“In this hospital (AKA Sribawono Hospital), my son was born with good health services free of charge,” Kusmini said.

Many obstacles came to Kusmini during pregnancy.

During her pregnancy, Kusmini’s economic situation was very poor. Her husband has not found a job either. The situation forced Kusmini, who was pregnant, to meet the needs of her family, including the fetus in her womb.

“I can’t help but have to make money by selling rice cakes, Javanese food (pecel), soup, fried foods, and also ice at home,” she said.

Being pregnant makes Kusmini maintain her body condition for the baby’s health. However, she only consumes special milk for pregnant women at one-month gestation.

“If I buy milk next, what will my other child eat?” she explained softly, rubbing her haggard eyes.

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Kisah penerima manfaat Program Wakaf Sehat Untuk Semua
A portrait of Kusmini’s life selling various foods to support himself and his child.

In spite of her limitations, Kusmini still strives and ensures that the fetus grows healthy by checking her womb with a midwife every month.

“It’s not easy. I must set aside about five thousand rupiahs daily to check the womb,” explained Kusmini.

Days changed days, weeks turned weeks, and Kusmini’s gestational age entered the seventh month. Midwives who monitor the fetus’s health are advised to immediately do an ultrasound examination (USG) to determine the condition of the fetus’s womb. Kusmini was silent. She let out a long sigh.

“Well, I want to. But frankly, I have no money,” Kustini continued haltingly.

The tests that hit Kusmini did not stop there. When the time for childbirth comes, Kusmini’s savings from selling can only make a living. He surrendered completely. In his grasp, there are only 75 thousand rupiah. Kusmini began to feel the pain of contractions and did not know what else to do. His relatives told him to go to AKA Sribawono Hospital. But instead of being happy, Kusmini looked weaker and more anxious.

“How much will it cost after childbirth?” she muttered.

Kisah penerima manfaat Program Wakaf Sehat Untuk Semua
Kusmini at AKA Sribawono Hospital.

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When she arrived at AKA Sribawono Hospital, Kusmini panicked. She was served like a patient in general. His bad image of the costs that must be incurred is increasingly real. She again could only surrender and put the safety of her fetus first.

Thank God Kusmini’s delivery went smoothly. The baby is crying, a sign of health and normalcy. Her happiness stopped by Kusmini’s lips. The news that her child was born safely, intact, and healthy became the most beautiful gift for her. However, happiness was only felt briefly. She remembered the costs that had to be borne after recovery. She wants to recover quickly so that the cost of treatment does not swell even more.

Kusmini recovered, and the baby was also healthy. She was allowed to go home, but some administrative matters were to be done. It may include the matter of cost. It seems like she was struck by lightning in broad daylight. Kusmini is welcome to go home without having to pay a penny! She gawked in disbelief.

“I haven’t paid yet. Who pays all of this?” Kusmini said.

Previously, the AKA Sribawono and Dompet Dhuafa Hospital Teams had investigated the economic situation of Kusmini. After going through several stages of assessment, Kusmini was considered worthy of assistance in the form of free childbirth services. Through the Healthy Waqf Program for All, Dompet Dhuafa serves lower income (Duafa) patients through seven waqf-based hospitals spread across Indonesia, one of which is AKA Sribawono Hospital.

Kisah penerima manfaat Program Wakaf Sehat Untuk Semua
Kusmini with her fourth child, Arrayan Dylan Al-Farisi.

Knowing that, Kusmini thanked God. Unexpectedly, she received help from Dompet Dhuafa donors through the Healthy Endowments for All, which covered all her childbirth costs.

“From the nurses, nurses, and doctors, my Goodness, all good. We do not underestimate our situation,” she said.

She even said that she did not know how to repay the kindness of Dompet Dhuafa donors.

“I can only thank and pray that the donors have smooth sustenance. Likewise, AKA Sribawono Hospital and Dompet Dhuafa are getting more successful and there for people like us,” she said with sincerity. (Dompet Dhuafa/Hafiz)