Innovation of Zakat Distribution and Empowerment, Dompet Dhuafa Lampung Launches Dapur Keliling (DARLING)

BANDAR LAMPUNG — On Thursday (2/2/2023), Dompet Dhuafa Lampung together with LPM or Lembaga Pelayan Masyarakat (Community Service Institution) Dompet Dhuafa launched DARLING or Dapur Keliling (Mobile Kitchen) unit in Bandarlampung. In the inauguration of DARLING there, the Governor of Lampung was also present, welcomed and thanked Dompet Dhuafa Lampung and LPM Dompet Dhuafa. According to him, the existence of the Mobile Kitchen program in Lampung was a joint step in efforts to improve society’s nutrition, in order to realize a healthy Lampung society.

“I’m glad and grateful to Dompet Dhuafa Lampung who collaborated with LPM Dompet Dhuafa in launching the DARLING program to together improve the society’s nutrition. It is hoped that it can realize a healthy Lampung society,” said the Governor of Lampung, Ir. H. Arinal Djunaidi, at the launching of the Darling Car program in Bandarlampung, Thursday (2/2) delivered by Assistant 3 for General Administration, Senen Mustakim. “The government is very serious about pursuing public health, especially in fulfilling balanced nutrition and reducing stunting,” he added.

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General Manager of Social Services Dompet Dhuafa, Juperta Panji Utama said that the DARLING program was also an effort to fulfill access and education on healthy food for the society. It is hoped that people will live healthily and can be empowered.

“The main purpose of launching the DARLING program is to share examples of healthy food with the society, especially the dhuafa people, in Lampung area,” said Panji.

“This DARLING car also functions in response to disasters if there is a disaster. Darling is here to meet the food and drink needs of disaster survivors and disaster response volunteers at the scene,” Panji added.

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The Head of Dompet Dhuafa Lampung Branch, Yogi Achmad Fajar said that DARLING was one of Dompet Dhuafa Lampung’s flagship programs in 2023. Yogi hopes that this program would be able to ignite the courage of collaboration from various parties and more, and more dhuafa people in Lampung would get blessings and zakat benefits from the existence of DARLING.

“The DARLING program is also an effort to innovate the distribution and empowerment of zakat. Because this program is designed to involve small business actors,” Yogi explained.

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“We are very open to communities, organizations, institutions, and companies to be able to collaborate in the kindness movement through Darling,” Yogi concluded. (Dompet Dhuafa / Lampung / LPM)